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Photography of Mr.Selfridge



I think he would have liked this grey magnificent woven check flannel shirting from Portugal, lovely lovely cloth. This will make wonderful PJ's, dressing gowns, Duvet covers, it is also perfect for a warm lining.
Part number: CM249
Photography of Cosi - Aqua


Cosi - Aqua

This is a fine brushed poly/cotton shirting with a wonderfully soft hand in a lovely mint colour.
Part number: CM169A
Photography of Cosi - Grey


Cosi - Grey

This is a fine brushed poly/cotton shirting with a wonderfully soft hand in a mid grey.
Part number: CM169b
Photography of Cosi - Pale Blue


Cosi - Pale Blue

This is a fine brushed poly/cotton shirting with a wonderfully soft hand in a pale blue
Part number: CM169c
Photography of Mad Hatter


Mad Hatter

This cloth instantly reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, hence the name Mad Hatter. You could easily wear this to a tea party. It is a lovely brushed cotton with an aqua base that makes the floral design come to life. So why not get some and follow us do
Part number: CM746
Photography of Death in Paradise


Death in Paradise

This is a 63 inch wide softly brushed lightweight cotton canvas soft but strong in the way of the best toilet tissue, it comes in a rather pleasant shade of light camel. It will make anything from wonderful floppy hats to bush trousers.
Part number: CM802a
Photography of Fatigue



60ins wide beautifully made lightly brushed cotton twill trousering which has given some highlight to the surface - feels almost like a suede wonderful Country of Origin: Germany
Part number: CM812b
Photography of Pigeon Force


Pigeon Force

60 inch wide cotton check lightweight flannel shirting with just a hint of bluegrass about it. It has a slub in the weft which shows up in the paler part of the cloth and the cloth itself is made up of pale grey, dark grey and purple yarns forming a gingh
Part number: CM837
Photography of Spandau



56 in wide awfully nice cotton lycra chino trousering in a dark mustardy gold colour.
Part number: CM812a
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