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Brushed Cotton

Photography of Mother Care

Mother Care

Exactly that! 150cm wide brushed cotton, made for mother care. As brushed cotton goes, this is light on the brushing but it is still a soft and delicate cloth for the money.
Part number: CM1044
Photography of Parma Violet

Parma Violet

150cm wide lilac brushed cotton - not my favourite sweet but the colour reminded the girls in the office of our youth. A fine but decent enough brushed cotton fabric, perfect for lounge pants.
Part number: CM1043
Photography of 50 Shades - Dark Grey

50 Shades - Dark Grey

Tiny grey and white check suiting. Another Italian made fabric for a famous British designer, very soft cotton, this has been lightly brushed to give it this soft handle that would be equally at home in a big floppy shirt or a pair of trousers or indeed w
Part number: CM977b
Photography of Cosi - Grey

Cosi - Grey

This is a fine brushed poly/cotton shirting with a wonderfully soft hand in a mid grey.
Part number: CM169b
Photography of Cosi - Pale Blue

Cosi - Pale Blue

This is a fine brushed poly/cotton shirting with a wonderfully soft hand in a pale blue
Part number: CM169c
Photography of Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise

This is a 63 inch wide softly brushed lightweight cotton canvas soft but strong in the way of the best toilet tissue, it comes in a rather pleasant shade of light camel. It will make anything from wonderful floppy hats to bush trousers.
Part number: CM802a
Photography of Ossifer


A rather splendid 150cm wide substantial sanded cotton chino in a rich dark olive - tough as old boots with a lovely soft hand.
Part number: CM796e
Photography of Jack James

Jack James

54 inch wide 100% brushed cotton lumberjack shirting check fabric in navy blue, beige with a fine line over check in red. Lovely Cloth.
Part number: OT46

All these cottons have been brushed to give them a lovely soft feel. Brushed cotton fabric is comfortable and cosy, whatever you make out of it.

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