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Photography of Broderie Anglaise

Broderie Anglaise

Part number: CM997
Photography of Plain Poly/Cotton - Ten Green Bottles

Plain Poly/Cotton - Ten Green Bottles

A poly/cotton shirting in bottle green. This has a lovely soft finish.
Part number: CM876
Photography of Pretty Polly - Lola

Pretty Polly - Lola

poly/cotton with a sweet floral design.
Part number: PC10
Photography of Pretty Polly - Brum

Pretty Polly - Brum

Do you remember the children's TV show Brum? I do, in my eyes it was a classic, so I've named this cloth after it as the cars on this are in classic cartoon style. This is a high quality poly cotton at 80% - 20% did you say your son/grandson needed some n
Part number: CM859
Photography of Plain Poly/cotton - January

Plain Poly/cotton - January

Poly/cotton shirting fabric with a soft finish, in grey
Part number: CM880
Photography of Plain Poly/cotton - Mellow Yellow

Plain Poly/cotton - Mellow Yellow

Yellow poly/cotton shirting fabric with a soft finish
Part number: CM884
Photography of Pretty Polly - Coco

Pretty Polly - Coco

Poly/Cotton Wide poly/cotton in white with a half-inch diameter polka dot pattern in lots of wonderful bright reds, oranges, pinks, greens and yellow.
Part number: CM561
Photography of Bet n' Like - Pink

Bet n' Like - Pink

45'' wide poly/cotton summery print in pinks Great quality at 65% and 35%
Part number: CM659a
Photography of Plain Poly/Cotton - Polo

Plain Poly/Cotton - Polo

Poly/cotton shirting fabric with a soft finish, in pale mint
Part number: CM883
Photography of Plain Poly/cotton - Seville

Plain Poly/cotton - Seville

Orange poly/cotton shirting fabric with a soft finish
Part number: CM884
Photography of Pretty Polly - Columbus

Pretty Polly - Columbus

This is a lovely print on a 80/20 poly/cotton cloth, being ships you could say that it is more suited to boys but I like to have a go at sailing and my daughter loves rowing so not wanting to stereotype you could make this into all kids of things. Pyjamas
Part number: PC6
Photography of Snow White

Snow White

White broderie anglaise, with a delicate pattern.
Part number: CM741

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