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Photography of Bet n' Like - Dots

Bet n' Like - Dots

45'' wide poly/cotton with colourful dots. Great quality at 65% and 35%
Part number: CM659c
Photography of Pretty Polly - Ditsy Do - Blue

Pretty Polly - Ditsy Do - Blue

115 cm (45) wide poly/ cotton print. Lovely all over blue floral pattern on a white base.
Part number: PC5d
Photography of Pretty Polly - Lola

Pretty Polly - Lola

poly/cotton with a sweet floral design.
Part number: PC10
Photography of Christmas Poly/cottons - Red and White Snowflakes

Christmas Poly/cottons - Red and White Snowflakes

A red poly/cotton with white snowflakes falling across it. Very festive.
Part number: CM985
Photography of Flower Power

Flower Power

Blue, yellow, green , red, pink, lime, navy and orange. You certainly get a lot with this cloth. The floral design has an overlay of white polka dots, making it stand apart from other bright floral fabrics; you cannot help but smile when you see it. If yo
Part number: CM884
Photography of Pretty Polly - Happy Driving

Pretty Polly - Happy Driving

Beep beep! The design on this cloth states 'Happy Driving' but I think you'll be happy no matter what you do while wearing this cloth. It is a great quality polycotton at 80%- 20%. I can see a lot of little boys being very owning a top made out of this.
Part number: CM860
Photography of Pretty Polly - Brum

Pretty Polly - Brum

Do you remember the children's TV show Brum? I do, in my eyes it was a classic, so I've named this cloth after it as the cars on this are in classic cartoon style. This is a high quality poly cotton at 80% - 20% did you say your son/grandson needed some n
Part number: CM859
Photography of Pretty Polly - Shortcake

Pretty Polly - Shortcake

This is a lovely print on a 80/20 poly/cotton cloth, are they apples or strawberries or both? Ill let you decide but what it is, is very pretty and colourful and any girl or indeed anyone who likes pink should like this.
Part number: PC5
Photography of Put the Kettle On - Blue

Put the Kettle On - Blue

45 (114 cm) wide poly/cotton fabric printed with a ditsy print in white pink and blues on a blue ground.
Part number: PC7a
Photography of Children in Need Big Spot

Children in Need Big Spot

Do you need some fabric for children in Need? We have some spotty fabric that may just do the job. I realise that it may be better just to give some money to the cause but it may be that such fabric will inspire those around you to donate more if you are
Part number: PC7
Photography of Pretty Polly - Coco

Pretty Polly - Coco

Poly/Cotton Wide poly/cotton in white with a half-inch diameter polka dot pattern in lots of wonderful bright reds, oranges, pinks, greens and yellow.
Part number: CM561
Photography of Bet n' Like - Pink

Bet n' Like - Pink

45'' wide poly/cotton summery print in pinks Great quality at 65% and 35%
Part number: CM659a

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