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Photography of Yucatan


This 54” wide acrylic and wool loose knitted jersey in beige, with a very dark brown, very soft and silky lace tacked on to it, that reminds me of something Mexican. I have no idea why, the lace certainly looks like something that a Mexican women of means
Part number: CM948
Photography of A Tangled Web

A Tangled Web

In this case it’s a knitted web, not a woven web. It’s a fashion fabric; that alarms me somewhat, as every fabric made is a fashion fabric. This is fashionable as long as you want it to be, it is a cream acrylic, polyester and wool mix, knitted jersey fab
Part number: CM922
Photography of Sofia


A 54” wide, quite sensational cloth from Missoni, in Italy. Its knitted, it’s in a zig-zag knit pattern with lots of muted colour, must have been made for jackets, or stoles, or shawls or that type of thinf. Another cloth that is as rare as hen’ teeth.
Part number: CM904
Photography of Supernova


2.3m wide (90”) knitted polyester/acrylic/viscose heavy jersey. Fairly loosely knitted in, a sort of unstructured check pattern. The colours involved in the cloth are white, black, grey and an element of verlouex thred which adorns some of the squares in
Part number: CM979
Photography of Naranjos


54” wide gobsmackingly gorgeous wool, mohair, knitted jacketing in orange made in France for Chanel. Now that is what I call orange. Wonderfully bright and rich. The surface isn’t unlike a heavy bouclé, I’m not sure how to describe the actual knit, but it
Part number: CM937
Photography of Cockadoodle Doo

Cockadoodle Doo

I’m not so sure what this cloth reminded me of to give it that title, but perhaps it has something to do with the swirling featherlike pattern in white on a black. The fabric has been dyed and the pattern has been printed using a pattern called discharge
Part number: CM928
Photography of There Comes A Time

There Comes A Time

Having been around as long as I have, and been in this game as long as I have, not much can surprise, but every so often something crops up that almost takes your breath away. This is one such cloth, it is 54” wide. It’s in black and a brown mix, if it wa
Part number: CM927
Photography of Oh Heck!

Oh Heck!

Just as I was settling down to my pie and peas, along comes a cloth which from one side, you wouldn’t think it had this on the other. Well it’s a 60” wide woven, wool tweed in quite a mixture of yarns, as you would expect a tweed to be, but predominately
Part number: CM902
Photography of Cotton Ribbed Jersey

Cotton Ribbed Jersey

Superb quality heavy weight ribbed cotton jersey fabric, in a good dark black. The rib is quarter of an inch or 7mm.
Part number: CM889
Photography of Kybosh


Black Cotton rib knit Jersey Ideal for ill-fitting garments good material and good value a fairly fine rib but not too fine.
Part number: CM499
Photography of Expresso Knit

Expresso Knit

This dark brown knitted cloth is 48’’ wide and is made of mostly wool with a little bit of nylon and lycra in it. Perhaps you would make a coat or jacket of one and a bit of a wrap out of the other. There’s only an eyeful of both, so it’s a pot luck job,
Part number: CM628b
Photography of Bar Bar White Sheep

Bar Bar White Sheep

Light cream 73% wool, 25% nylon 2% elastane knitted jersey. Not a jersey as in a cotton jersey but a fairly open knit sort of thing you might make a shawl out of, or a hat and scarf to match; that sort of thing. It’s a soft and scrumbly sort of fabric wit
Part number: CM622

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