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Photography of Luciano Amarni

Luciano Amarni

160cm wide wool suiting made up of wool polyester silk and viscose. It’s a flat tweed in a melange of very neutral colours bit of black, beige, turquoise taupe little swirly bits in white. It has a beautiful hand and I recall once seeing the Great Man in
Part number: CM1125
Photography of Into the Deep

Into the Deep

150 cm wide 70% wool 30% nylon gorgeous lightweight coating in a fabulous boucle weave in deep ocean colours - that is to say very dark blue bordering on black sort of kingfisher blue, turquoise blue and then into a pale blue all rippling together as the
Part number: CM1091
Photography of Black Betty

Black Betty

150cm wide black wool jacketing in a very light bouclé weave. Nothing fancy, but a very subtly beautiful cloth.
Part number: CM1085
Photography of Flat Cap

Flat Cap

150cm wide wool, soft flat tweed suiting in a wonderful array of autumnal colours. Reds, greens, browns, heather; just a wonderful mélange of colour. Very county, very beautiful.
Part number: CM1076
Photography of Linton


Splendid wool nylon tweed lightweight coating just an element of a boucle weave and lots of interest in the weave ultimately it’s a multi check design in black grey cream burnt orange and maybe a bit of something else. The boucle aspect is in the cream ya
Part number: CM1074
Photography of Slightly Startled

Slightly Startled

Imagine if you will a herd of Zebra whizzing across that place the mass Amara something of that sort - being chased by a pack of cheetahs you would then have a sweep of black and white in rows. you can forget the cheetahs there some way behind. but this
Part number: CM1042
Photography of Super D

Super D

60” wide, beautiful, lightweight, woollen suiting cloth, in a very fine Donegal tweed. In all truth it can’t be Donegal tweed because there is not enough specks of colour, and it’s not coarse enough. In fact it feels beautifully soft.But nonetheless its q
Part number: CM1047

Knitted, Boucle and tweed dressmaking fabrics

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