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Photography of Black Track


Black Track

Lightweight cotton track suiting in black. Nuff said, superb quality
Part number: CM523
Photography of Kybosh



Black Cotton rib knit Jersey Ideal for ill-fitting garments good material and good value a fairly fine rib but not too fine.
Part number: CM499
Photography of Expresso Knit


Expresso Knit

This dark brown knitted cloth is 48’’ wide and is made of mostly wool with a little bit of nylon and lycra in it. Perhaps you would make a coat or jacket of one and a bit of a wrap out of the other. There’s only an eyeful of both, so it’s a pot luck job,
Part number: CM628b
Photography of In Bouclé


In Bouclé

60'' Wide acryllic, cotton and polyester mix bouclé tweed which is made up of red, pinks, black, brown and beige. But overall the feeling is pink. A good weight which would make up into a lovely jacket or skirt.
Part number: CM653
Photography of Bar Bar White Sheep


Bar Bar White Sheep

Light cream 73% wool, 25% nylon 2% elastane knitted jersey. Not a jersey as in a cotton jersey but a fairly open knit sort of thing you might make a shawl out of, or a hat and scarf to match; that sort of thing. It’s a soft and scrumbly sort of fabric wit
Part number: CM622
Product picture not available


Joseph- Dreamcoat

This 56’’ wide inordinately expensive knitted wool/viscose/cotton/cashmere cloth has a definite Inca influence in that it looks vaguely Peruvian and favours the sort of capes that they wear in the Andes. Not that I’ve been, but I have seen pictures and if
Part number: CM632b
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