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Photography of Tailors Lining - Plain black brown satin

Tailors Lining - Plain black brown satin

As near as makes no difference 60 in wide and of a quality of a bygone era and you donít have to use this as a lining. Dark brown with a multiple relief pinstripe slightly raised and slightly rougher than base cloth...
Part number: CM002b
Photography of Satin Backed Crepe - Red

Satin Backed Crepe - Red

European, glorious satin backed bright red dress fabric. This is a medium weight superb quality satin backed crepe dress fabric that can be worn either way crepe side or satin side up. Perfect for evening bridal wear It is very hard to photog
Part number: CM945d
Photography of Could It Be Magic

Could It Be Magic

45Ē wide Japanese made, lightly pleated, beautiful black polyester cloth. Which has had a sort of ribbon-like satin highlights attached to it and then pleated. Randomly pleated. Clever as you like this, and extremely attractive. Another from a top maker.
Part number: CM1007
Photography of The Road To The Aisle

The Road To The Aisle

54 ins wide polyester cotton satin cloth with an all over jacquard/ brocade pattern standing proud of the best fabric itís all in a slightly off white colour and highly suitable for both bridal and eveningwear its quite substantial and I imagine not easy
Part number: CM1060

This page is all about sparkle and shine for when you want some razzmatazz! You will be able to find sequins and satin fabrics here, which are perfect for the party season. Or even if you just have a big event coming up.

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