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Photography of Racing Silk - Red


Racing Silk - Red

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester arificial silk in Jubilee Red.
Part number: MY27a
Photography of Racing Silk - Royal Blue


Racing Silk - Royal Blue

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester arificial silk in Royal Blue.
Part number: MY27b
Photography of Racing Silk - White


Racing Silk - White

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester artificial silk fabric in Jubilee White.
Part number: MY27c
Photography of Racing Silk - Black


Racing Silk - Black

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester artificial silk in Black.
Part number: MY27d
Photography of Shrouded In Mystery - black


Shrouded In Mystery - black

Black Imitation Silk Linen Polyester Dress Fabric, a sort of heavy organza. If you can imagine a lightweight linen cloth with an open weave, then this is the impression you get with this cloth
Part number: CM463a
Photography of Tennessee



Polyester, heavy ‘ organza’, a very slinky, sensual cloth, not for the retiring type. It comes in a light shade of mink.
Part number: CM479
Photography of Nancy



This 60’’ wide, very fine polyester crepe with a silky soft hand which from a distance could almost be a fancy camouflage cloth. The ground of the cloth, is cream with a fairly randomly “brushstroke” floral pattern is in shades of brown and grey and some
Part number: CM636
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