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Photography of Precious


56” wide, stunning green black and royal blue silk floral fabric. Beautifully fine.
Part number: CM1674
Photography of Victoriana


125cm wide pure silk in cream with a slightly texted self-colour stripy weave. This fabric can look either extremely modern or as the title suggests quite old. There’s not a lot of it and it’s very, very beautiful.
Part number: CM1147
Photography of Bęte Noir

Bęte Noir

140cm wide black very fine 70% Cotton, 30% Silk. Which if it was cotton it would be a lawn. Supremely fine and the hand of an angel hair. It’s an age thing you know.
Part number: CM1108
Photography of A Rarity - Mink Pink

A Rarity - Mink Pink

Stuff like this does not come along; both in terms of quality of the cloth and the beautiful prints. We have 5 superb Italian 70% cotton, 30% silk lawn fabric in gorgeous designs
Part number: CM1106e
Photography of Angel Delight - White

Angel Delight - White

60 inch wide viscose/ copra silk as soft as a cloth can get and amongst other things I bet it makes fabulous nighties. It would actually be perfect for harem pants, or a lovely soft blouse
Part number: CM824c
Photography of Wild Dreams

Wild Dreams

140cm wide fine very soft silk satin cloth in black with an all over “arty” floral print in white grey cerise and pink. A lot of which look a bit like random brush strokes.
Part number: CM1065
Photography of Satin Backed Crepe - Dusky Pink

Satin Backed Crepe - Dusky Pink

150cm wide, European, glorious satin backed dusky pink crepe dress fabric. This is a medium weight superb quality satin backed crepe dress fabric that can be worn either way crepe side or satin side up. Perfect for evening bridal wear It is very hard to p
Part number: CM945c
Photography of Racing Silk - Purple

Racing Silk - Purple

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester artificial silk in Royal Blue.
Part number: MY27b
Photography of Satin Backed Crepe - Royal

Satin Backed Crepe - Royal

150cm wide glorious PU coated satin backed bright Royal Blue crepe dress fabric.
Part number: CM945a
Photography of Satin Backed Crepe - Teal

Satin Backed Crepe - Teal

150cm wide glorious PU coated satin backed teal crepe dress fabric.
Part number: CM985b
Photography of Racing Silk - Red

Racing Silk - Red

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester arificial silk in Jubilee Red.
Part number: MY27a
Photography of Racing Silk - Royal Blue

Racing Silk - Royal Blue

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester arificial silk in Royal Blue.
Part number: MY27b

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Silk. Even after all these years the name still evokes ideas of luxury. We have, here some lovely silk, silk imitation and silk mix fabrics

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