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Photography of Dressiness - Black

Dressiness - Black

60” wide black, viscose/polyester/cotton lightweight dress fabric which has an element of “dressiness” and might even have been used for evening wear.
Part number: CM931b
Photography of Linen - Black

Linen - Black

Straight forward linen cloths with the usual slight slubbiness in the weave, and incidentally they are 144cm wide.
Part number: CM1229f
Photography of Black Out - Chino Trousering

Black Out - Chino Trousering

60” wide, superb 97% cotton/3% elastane trousering, chino weight, with a dull satin finish.
Part number: CM999
Product picture not available

Cloth For All Seasons - Grino

Grey chino! Grino! Not one of our more inventive moments but this the quality you come to expect off us black and with grey warp to make this closely woven cotton trousering a dark grey. The dark grey imitating a herringbone so tiny- this is a wonderful c
Part number: CM655
Photography of Odd Job

Odd Job

130cm wide fine cotton gabardine with 2% elastane in a rather nice shade of a sandy colour. I think you can probably make tight fitting stuff as well as not so tight fitting stuff from this cloth. It’s a gem.
Part number: CM1255
Photography of Linen - Light Navy

Linen - Light Navy

145cm wide soft linen in a light navy with all the slubiness you would expect in a linen cloth.
Part number: CM1322b
Photography of Linen - Cerise

Linen - Cerise

145cm wide soft linen in a cerise with all the slubiness you would expect in a linen cloth.
Part number: CM1322c
Photography of Linen - Aqua

Linen - Aqua

145cm wide soft linen in a aqua with all the slubiness you would expect in a linen cloth.
Part number: CM1322b
Photography of Linen - Pale Silver

Linen - Pale Silver

152cm wide pale silver grey linen, unlike most of the linens we have. There is a stiffness to this one but it will soften when washed, there is also no obvious slubiness and I think slightly less in its pick content ie there is not as much yarn, still a g
Part number: CM1322a
Photography of Summertime - Pretty in Pink

Summertime - Pretty in Pink

147cm wide lightweight, soft, cotton trousering in pale pink with a fine variegated pinstripe in green, navy, yellow, deep pink, purple. It’s a woven stripe not printed, and is a very, very nice cloth indeed. Equally at home on big people as well as small
Part number: CM1256b
Photography of Old & New - Red

Old & New - Red

110cm wide cotton chino in red, with a very slight, soft sanded finish. All of this doesn’t really add up. The width of the cloth suggests that it is not young, but the sanding suggests that it’s quite new. It is a very fine twill weave, and a very good c
Part number: CM1251a
Photography of Into the Deep

Into the Deep

150 cm wide 70% wool 30% nylon gorgeous lightweight coating in a fabulous boucle weave in deep ocean colours - that is to say very dark blue bordering on black sort of kingfisher blue, turquoise blue and then into a pale blue all rippling together as the
Part number: CM1091

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These fabrics are suitable for making trousers and/ or jackets and tend to be fabrics fabrics that simply don't fit into any of the following categories where you will find plently more trousering and jacketing fabrics, corduroy fabrics range, our chino cotton trousering range and wool suitings.

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