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Velvet and Velour fabrics. I always think velvets, and velour’s too have some kind of special charm about them. Maybe it is because they make me think of the iconic red velvet feathery dress from Gone with the Wind. Whatever they make you think of, we hope you enjoy sewing them.

Photography of Lindt


150cm wide cotton velvet in a wonderful, very dark brown. Made in Germany, by the best people available for dress velvet. Beautifully soft, with an incredibly fine pile. This will make fabulous evening skirts or day time jackets.
Part number: CM1078
Photography of Voluptuocity - Black

Voluptuocity - Black

60in wide polyester/ lycra (2%) dress velvet in either red or black. Party dresses for all or just a posh lounging sort of cloth.
Part number: CM571a
Photography of Mexican Widow

Mexican Widow

60” wide polyester velour with a little bit of stretch, in a rather glorious dark red colour. The sort of things to make a Scottish widow’s cloak from. But in this case it might be a Mexican widow’s.
Part number: CM950
Photography of Valentino - Navy

Valentino - Navy

They sold it us as black it is so dark, but it is not black, nor a true classic navy– 98% cotton, 2% lycra
Part number: CM1054a
Photography of Mexican Wave

Mexican Wave

This is a 56in wide cotton velvet . It’s certainly either for skirts, jackets or perhaps for a waistcoat. The cloth is of an outstanding variety. I think it's hundred percent cotton but there may be little bit of viscose in there and it has a slight sheen
Part number: MC60
Photography of Navy Lace

Navy Lace

150cm wide navy blue all over body polyester lace which won’t have the same effect as red flannel but it may have some.
Part number: CM1128
Photography of Far Out

Far Out

You may recall that is a saying that a bit of a hero of mine, John Denver, used to say whenever he found something amazing or outside his grasp. This cloth would have the same effect on him I’m sure. It is 150cm wide burnt orange, although some may have a
Part number: CM1252
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