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Viscose | Polyester

You won't be disappointed with these, they have a wonderful hand and most of them will not crease. Perfect for looking great after being packed in a suitcase or after lounging on the settee.

Photography of Ladies Day at the Races - Lagoon


Ladies Day at the Races - Lagoon

I don’t think the designs are suitable for a day at a winter race meeting, but certainly Ascot, Derby and on a particular fine Grand National, frocks made from these beautiful crepe-de-chine fabrics may be just the ticket, I know the emphasis these days i
Part number: CM395a
Photography of A Dark Secret


A Dark Secret

The cloth is black, it has a dull satin finish, scruples fairly well in the hand but not entirely crease free by any stretch of the imagination, probably a 7oz weight in old money, which makes it slightly heavier than the Chino, it is a gorgeous soft hand
Part number: CM399
Photography of Sparkle



60” (152 cm) wide polyester ball gown fabric in black with some built in stiffening and a lustre.
Part number: CM545
Photography of Maypole



60” wide fairly heavy, very drapey, polyester crepe, not a cheap and nasty crepe, it’s a very expensive one, beautifully made and really will make up well.
Part number: CM381
Photography of Racing Silk - White


Racing Silk - White

57" (145 cm) wide 100% polyester artificial silk fabric in Jubilee White.
Part number: MY27c
Photography of Shadow of a Smile


Shadow of a Smile

A 60“ wide well almost, polyester viscose, lightweight shirting in a cream and white woven shadow weave linen look check the weave of which almost has the effect of a seersucker, it floats it drapes and it doesn’t crease and is awfully feminine.
Part number: CM341
Photography of Shrouded In Mystery - black


Shrouded In Mystery - black

Black Imitation Silk Linen Polyester Dress Fabric, a sort of heavy organza. If you can imagine a lightweight linen cloth with an open weave, then this is the impression you get with this cloth
Part number: CM463a
Photography of Utility



Grey polyester uniform fabric marled dark grey beautifully made utility fabric good for school uniform. 60" wide
Part number: CM185
Photography of Kotanowa



Black medium weight polyester crepe fabric which drapes well and does not crease, suitable for everything from opera cloaks to trousers and for every day wear as well as special occasions.
Part number: CM478
Photography of Tennessee



Polyester, heavy ‘ organza’, a very slinky, sensual cloth, not for the retiring type. It comes in a light shade of mink.
Part number: CM479
Photography of Look At Me When I am Talking to You


Look At Me When I am Talking to You

Sophia Loren would have had a dress in this and everybody would have looked at her! Black, heavy polyester and elastane dress fabric
Part number: CM491
Photography of False Dawn


False Dawn

Polyester Suiting/Dress Fabric lovely ladies suiting ideal for mother of the bride jackets skirts dresses mauve/lilac shade very spring/summer
Part number: CM528

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