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Photography of Navy Waterproof Breathable Ripstop Fabric

Navy Waterproof Breathable Ripstop Fabric

This is a very nice navy blue waterproof lightweight canvas ripstop with a breathable membrane in white.
Part number: CM1152e
Photography of Waterproof Green Canvas

Waterproof Green Canvas

A strong, green, coated waterproof polyester canvas. Best to have the coated side as the face.
Part number: CM1152d
Photography of Water Resistant Fabric - Grey

Water Resistant Fabric - Grey

A superb lightweight mid-grey polyester coated ripstop fabric.
Part number: CM1152c
Photography of Waterproof - Flourescent Orange

Waterproof - Flourescent Orange

This is a very strong polyester PU coated waterproof canvas fabric. It is a very bright fluorescent orange.
Part number: CM1152a
Photography of Fur Fur Better Thing

Fur Fur Better Thing

160cm wide lightish grey short pile on a black thickish jersey cloth. How about that then. Very soft and cosy and made from polyester which is very clever. This was made for an Italian designer.
Part number: CM1116
Photography of Olive


150cm wide polyester acrylic fleece. Not in the polar tech type fleece but a rather more solid and furry variety - its quite hefty without being heavy. Tightly knit short pile and comes in a speckled olive green. You pretty much know what this has been u
Part number: CM1150
Photography of Crepe - Lime

Crepe - Lime

A lovely heavyweight crepe in lime
Part number: CM1105c
Photography of Crepe - Rose Pink

Crepe - Rose Pink

A lovely lightweight crepe in rose pink.
Part number: CM1105h
Photography of Crepe - Pale Aqua

Crepe - Pale Aqua

A lovely medium/heavyweight polyester crepe in pale aqua
Part number: CM1105g
Photography of Crepe - Dark Aqua

Crepe - Dark Aqua

A lovely medium/heavyweight polyester crepe in deep aqua
Part number: CM1105f
Photography of Crepe - Pale Beige

Crepe - Pale Beige

A great pale beige crepe with a textured weave.
Part number: CM1105e
Photography of Crepe - French Navy

Crepe - French Navy

A lovely crepe in French Navy
Part number: CM1105c

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You won't be disappointed with these, they have a wonderful hand and most of them will not crease. Perfect for looking great after being packed in a suitcase or after lounging on the settee.

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