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Photography of Embroidered Lawn

Embroidered Lawn

148cm wide white embroidered cotton lawn fabric, wonderful to wear in hot weather and will go with almost anything.
Part number: CM1320
Photography of Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

However, here we have a sea of lavender fields. This is a nice quality cotton/lycra dress fabric with a classy lilac/grey and black print on an ivory ground. Perfect for dresses and skirts
Part number: CM1319
Photography of Mcveigh


Stunning lightweight wool suiting fabric in a multicoloured tartan design
Part number: CM1236
Photography of Finest


Here we are, late June and I am going to talk to you about woollen fabrics. Mostly suiting weight, but where they aren’t I will tell you. To a man, they are British made, the majority in Yorkshire but some have been made in Portugal. But none the worse fo
Part number: CM1235
Photography of Checker


A fairly lightweight, small checkerboard check in black and grey, with a hand to die for. Very much a suiting/trouser weight.
Part number: CM1291
Photography of Overcoat


A distinct herringbone weave suiting in grey and black. It is the sort of thing that looks well, as an overcoat and in fact suitably lined may hang well enough for that too, but it is really a suiting weight.
Part number: CM1290
Photography of Top Coat

Top Coat

This is a heavyish weight all wool cloth, with a hint of a herringbone tweed weave in lots of muffled, muted shades of grey, beige, bit of black with the overall appearance is of a flat tweed. The weight is sufficient to make a light top coat, and certain
Part number: CM1286
Photography of No Choice

No Choice

150cm wide polyester lycra, quite heavy dress fabric in black, with a sort of double border, but not at the edge; about 20cm in at the edge are these two medieval sort of stripes in yellow, banded by a white scroll floral pattern. Have I done alright so f
Part number: CM1302
Photography of LS


150cm wide, rather gorgeous polyester georgette in black with an all over stalky, floral print in various shades of pink, pale blue with a hint of yellow in the centre of some of the flowers. The flowers could be poppies, they could be daisies, or just so
Part number: CM1313
Photography of Valdemort


137cm wide polyester lycra suiting, in an exceeding dark black with a satin finish. A cloth to squeeze into.
Photography of Silky Soft

Silky Soft

140cm wide black polyester, fine ribbed, lightweight trousering come evening skirt fabric in a very superior black, with a soft handle and finish.
Part number: CM1310
Photography of Cleopatra - White (Hint of Blue)

Cleopatra - White (Hint of Blue)

150cm wide silky 55% cotton, 45% viscose lightweight Italian suiting in either cream or white. It has, what in old fashioned money was called a venetian finish, in that it shines and was usually made from silk. This I think, is meant to be an imitation o
Part number: CM1311b

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