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Photography of Water Resistant Printed Canvas - Navy/Cream Stripe

Water Resistant Printed Canvas - Navy/Cream Stripe

145cm wide PU coated polyester printed canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one comes in navy and cream stripes.
Part number: CM1281c
Photography of Dressiness - Black

Dressiness - Black

60” wide black, viscose/polyester/cotton lightweight dress fabric which has an element of “dressiness” and might even have been used for evening wear.
Part number: CM931b
Photography of St Lucia

St Lucia

When Caroline named this fabric, she must have been dreaming of a Caribbean paradise. It is easy to see why, the large scale floral print makes you dream of sun-kissed beaches and floral forests. This cotton stretch fabric is a good weight and a good qual
Part number: CM1177
Photography of Bęte Noir

Bęte Noir

140cm wide black very fine 70% Cotton, 30% Silk. Which if it was cotton it would be a lawn. Supremely fine and the hand of an angel hair. It’s an age thing you know.
Part number: CM1108
Photography of Gitane - White

Gitane - White

125cm wide lightweight cotton lycra canvas, in either white a light air-forcey sort of blue. It does stretch to be very accommodating, but not to be floppy.
Part number: CM1225a
Product picture not available

Cotton Jersey - Black Tubular

Black medium weight Cotton Jersey fabric. At least 60" (152 cm) wide.
Part number: OT64f
Photography of Cotton Jersey White - Bolt

Cotton Jersey White - Bolt

Here we have a wonderful lightweight cotton jersey., lighter weight ones are all the fashion at the moment, read into that what you will, fashion houses scrimping? or do you just prefer them so therefore that is what is made? These jerseys were intended t
Part number: CM1228b
Photography of Pretty Polly  - London Underground

Pretty Polly - London Underground

I would say 'All aboard' but truth be told I am not sure that they say that on the London Underground. I am however, very well versed in all the stops available on the Underground due to this lovely poly/cotton. Set on a white base, this underground them
Part number: CM1201
Photography of Out of Time - Black Stretch Worsted Wool Fabric

Out of Time - Black Stretch Worsted Wool Fabric

It would also be prudent at this time to tell you of this 60 inch wide black pure wool worsted suiting whose wondrous nature I am almost a loss to describe. If you want send for a sample you probably will anyway because of the price but e-by-gum is gradle
Part number: CM842b
Photography of Black Wool with Cashmere Coating

Black Wool with Cashmere Coating

This is a stunning black wool and cashmere coating fabric. It is a wonderful weight; it has a small amount of polyester in it to give it added durability. This will last a lifetime and will never date. Stunning! If you are into black and white decor this
Part number: CM992a
Photography of Dressiness - Ivory/Pale Cream

Dressiness - Ivory/Pale Cream

60” wide ivory/pale cream, viscose/polyester/cotton lightweight suiting which has an element of “dressiness” and might even have been used for evening wear.
Part number: CM931c
Photography of Butterfly Etch

Butterfly Etch

143cm wide poly/cotton floral fabric with a butterfly burn out. This fabric has been printed with a blue/purple floral design and then a process known as devoré or burn out has been applied to the fabric to create the etching effect of the butterfly. What
Part number: CM1270

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