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Photography of Supersonic - Black

Supersonic - Black

54” wide superfine black cotton lawn with a calended satin finish you hear of fabrics described as having two, three, four, five, six hundred thread count, I honestly don’t know what this is I’ve got a magnifying glass on it and I couldn’t begin to count
Part number: CM303v
Photography of Just a Little Bit More - Moonlight Girl

Just a Little Bit More - Moonlight Girl

Nice quality cotton poplin with a monochrome floral pattern.
Part number: CM1240j
Photography of Rosie - Black

Rosie - Black

This is a stunning John Kaldor fabric. Brilliant quality with a red and pink rose design this would look beautiful made up into a 1950's style dress. It is a good weight trouser/dress fabric and ever so pretty.
Part number: CM1176b
Photography of Gitane - White

Gitane - White

125cm wide lightweight cotton lycra canvas, in either white a light air-forcey sort of blue. It does stretch to be very accommodating, but not to be floppy.
Part number: CM1225a
Photography of By the Sea - Landscapes

By the Sea - Landscapes

106cm wide soft cotton in white, with an all over dark-ish blue print depicting things that you might find around the seaside ie windmills, boats, piers and cottages. Not so sure, that this isn’t a kitchen-y sort of fabric.
Part number: CM1223a
Photography of Captain my Captain - Pink

Captain my Captain - Pink

156cm wide finest cotton lawn in pink, lilac and white birds eye design
Part number: CM1217f
Photography of Knasher


152cm wide fine cotton lawn with a woven tiny check in lilac, pink and white. Simply the best.
Part number: CM1217i
Photography of The Hills are Alive... Blue

The Hills are Alive... Blue

….With the sounds of people who are wishing they had never gone up in the first place. This is a 160cm wide cotton, very fine, grey toned weave shirting in either pale blue or pink with the absolute finest of white horizontal stripe weaves. Almost a chamb
Part number: CM1191b
Photography of Viscose Lawn - Loretta - Blue

Viscose Lawn - Loretta - Blue

Very sweet, very simple, but I feel like I should tell you more about this cloth. It is a very fine blue viscose lawn dress fabric; with orange, pink, white and purple flowers all over it, and the slightest of green leaves and details in yellow. As the pa
Part number: CM1210i
Photography of Poplin Prints - Chartwell

Poplin Prints - Chartwell

A lovely black cotton poplin with a small scale floral design. The flowers are possibly roses, possibly not. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this.
Part number: CM1208
Photography of Pretty Polly  - London Underground

Pretty Polly - London Underground

I would say 'All aboard' but truth be told I am not sure that they say that on the London Underground. I am however, very well versed in all the stops available on the Underground due to this lovely poly/cotton. Set on a white base, this underground them
Part number: CM1201
Photography of Pretty Polly - Little Stars

Pretty Polly - Little Stars

Twinkle, Twinkle.... Little poly/cotton. That doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it? This is a polycotton though, with a white base and small multi-coloured stars all over it. Very fun and perfect for crafts.
Part number: CM1200

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