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Photography of Poplin Prints - Polly Pink

Poplin Prints - Polly Pink

This cotton poplin has an pink base, with white leaves climbing up it. Displayed in small white clouds are also pink and blue flowers. When I saw this cloth at first it made me think of the words "happy" and "pretty". As such, I have named it Polly, after
Part number: CM1679b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Spirograph Pink

Poplin Prints - Spirograph Pink

This cotton poplin just looks like good old fashioned fun. The cheerful design makes me think of spirographs children used to have years ago. Full of pinks, oranges, yellows and green this is perfect for a little girls dress, or just for brightening up a
Part number: CM1678a
Photography of Fancy Dress Satin - White

Fancy Dress Satin - White

148cm wide white decent quality Fancy Dress Satin Fabric, nice and soft and a good weight, thicker than lining and great for dresses. Great for fancy dress or costumes for school plays.
Part number: CM1668e
Photography of Fancy Dress Satin - Black

Fancy Dress Satin - Black

148cm wide black decent quality Fancy Dress Satin Fabric, nice and soft and a good weight, thicker than lining and great for dresses. Great for fancy dress or costumes for school plays.
Part number: CM1668d
Photography of Papillon


160 cm wide polyester double jersey in a grey and black zigzag knitted pattern. A soft finish alike to very hardwearing and easy care properties makes this a fairly outstanding fabric.
Part number: CM1131
Photography of The Gypsy

The Gypsy

145cm wide very lightly crinkled polyester crepe de chine in black with an all over quite small floral print in pink in fact shades of pink and shades of green a variation of a very old and ongoing pattern. Lovely cloth.
Part number: CM1143
Photography of Luciano Amarni

Luciano Amarni

160cm wide wool suiting made up of wool polyester silk and viscose. It’s a flat tweed in a melange of very neutral colours bit of black, beige, turquoise taupe little swirly bits in white. It has a beautiful hand and I recall once seeing the Great Man in
Part number: CM1125
Photography of N' then then

N' then then

130cm wide white fine cotton poplin with a sort of variation on the Olympic five ring motif in red green yellow and blue forming a sort of flower head. Around the flower heads there has been a little cutting exercise so that the petals if you will are out
Part number: CM1129
Photography of The Road to Mandalay

The Road to Mandalay

140cm wide fine cotton almost lawn with a swirly ribbon pattern embroidered on to it in the same colour. Another Summer is coming fabric.
Part number: CM1142
Photography of Join the Dots

Join the Dots

150cm wide black very fine polyester crepe with an embroidered sequin pattern which looks a little bit squiggly as though you are meant to join all the sequins up. They are joined up of course but if it was a kids drawing paper that’s what it suggest. The
Part number: CM1122
Photography of Etchings


140cm wide white 60% poly/ 40% cotton blouse cloth with an all over pink outline floral pink print which includes areas that have not received any print at all and looks as though it has been etched. This has brought about by a chemical process which actu
Part number: CM1102
Photography of Simple Satin

Simple Satin

60 inch wide viscose in black with a dull satin finish.
Part number: CM1098

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