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Photography of Viscose 'Ere, Dat Goes Dere - Bahamas

Viscose 'Ere, Dat Goes Dere - Bahamas

140cm wide visocse dress fabric with a fabulous tropical style print in vivd hues of green, blue and pink all on a white ground.
Part number: CM1210f
Photography of Poplin Print- Happy Feet

Poplin Print- Happy Feet

Have you seen this film? A happy animated tapping penguin? He is very cute. A super penguin print for your Perusal. Perfect if you like penguins.
Photography of Viscose Lawn - The Golden Age - Green

Viscose Lawn - The Golden Age - Green

When I saw this small scale floral pattern, teamed with this soft green, all I could think of was the 1940's. Which led me on to the golden age of Hollywood. Now, though this very fine, viscose lawn dress fabric is superb; I doubt they would have worn
Part number: CM1210c
Photography of Marnie


Stunning yellow with orange, green, blue, brown and black African style print. This will look ver special when you have finished your garment. A keeper I think!
Part number: CM1225
Photography of Pretty Polly  - London Buses

Pretty Polly - London Buses

A while back, we had a fabric called London Underground. I could call this one 'London Overground' but it just doesn't have the same ring, does it? Like its sister cloth, this white poly/cotton features some famous bus stops of London, but the most strik
Part number: CM1201b
Photography of Now Here's A Thing- black

Now Here's A Thing- black

140cm wide black floral viscose Georgette we rather like this, we don't often get viscose Georgette's, it looks and feels like a polyester Georgette apart from it does have more body, maybe even could we say, more of a stiffness.
Part number: CM1229
Photography of Pie


145cm/ 57" wide stunning quality medium weight printed viscose jersey fabric. Geometric print in claret, coral and black on a cream/ivory ground. We have been struggling to get hold of some decent printed viscose clobber but here we have it.
Photography of All I can see

All I can see

Another superb viscose Lycra jersey fabric from France. This is a clever print made up of shades of mauve and aqua distressed roses on a black ground. great to wear with denim or anything black. A medium weight jersey.
Photography of Embroidered Lawn

Embroidered Lawn

148cm wide white embroidered cotton lawn fabric, wonderful to wear in hot weather and will go with almost anything.
Part number: CM1320
Photography of Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

However, here we have a sea of lavender fields. This is a nice quality cotton/lycra dress fabric with a classy lilac/grey and black print on an ivory ground. Perfect for dresses and skirts
Part number: CM1319
Photography of Mcveigh


Stunning lightweight wool suiting fabric in a multicoloured tartan design
Part number: CM1236
Photography of Merino Wool Jersey

Merino Wool Jersey

140cm wide black, extremely fine but dense wool, Italian merino wool jersey. Made from very fine yarns with a touch of elastane so it is quite a stretchy cloth but because of the way its made it will hold its form. A heavy cloth to make superb garments.

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