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Photography of Poplin Print - Nala - Blue

Poplin Print - Nala - Blue

Brand new for Autumn 2014 this is a Superb Peacock Cotton Fabric Print in Blues
Photography of Christmas Panel - Christmas Stocking

Christmas Panel - Christmas Stocking

Are you feeling festive? You are sure to feel festive when making this stocking to hang on the fireplace.
Part number: CM987b
Photography of Country garden - Mint

Country garden - Mint

60ins wide cotton in stunning quality cotton lawn(as good as liberty and our pima quality) with an all over patchwork print in hundreds of different types of flowers all very small not a lot of the background showing very colourful it comes in three colou
Part number: CM830c
Photography of Viscose Jersey – Pale Royal

Viscose Jersey – Pale Royal

This viscose jersey will look wonderful made into tops, it is slightly paler than our other royal blue jersey though the photos may not show much difference. If in any doubt, please request a sample.
Part number: CM727i
Photography of Burn Out

Burn Out

This describes a processes of textiles, a process whereby some parts of a cloth are removed chemically to a pattern, leaving it thickened in places, basically. What has happened in this particular case, is that the thin places are almost a fine net, and t
Part number: CM923
Photography of Beautiful South

Beautiful South

60” wide navy blue soft finish needlecord with a fabulous hand.
Part number: CM920
Photography of Mountain Momma

Mountain Momma

60” wide cotton check shirting with a light seersucker finish. The colours in the check are red, cerise, pink, very pale turquoise and colours made up of those colours where the weave criss-crosses so it’s bright and at the same time quite delicate. Remin
Part number: CM916
Photography of Uninhibited


59”/150cm wide wool, polyester acrylic mix cloth. Which was probably produced after someone had said to the designer “Don’t let your imagination inhibit you” the cloth is basically a flannel. And then they have bonded a sort of felt like cloth to it, whic
Part number: CM912
Photography of Swan Lake

Swan Lake

60” wide polyester crinkle georgette in a deep turquoise blue with what appeared small swans in balletic positions all over the cloth in cream. Not for me, as I am big boy now, but ever so delicately feminine.
Part number: CM909
Photography of Duplicity


64” Wide cotton “chambray” in a floral jacquard weave. It can’t be a proper chambray because it’s patterned but the way the blue and the white yarns form the back cloth, and indeed the pattern is very reminiscent of a chambray. Slightly heavier than ordin
Part number: CM907
Photography of Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill

54” wide densely printed viscose in navy blue with an all over, small floral pattern in orange, turquoise, cerise, pale blue and white. Lovely colouring, although there is a slight sporadic blur on the print along one of the edges - this will reduce the w
Part number: CM901
Photography of The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

60” at least, fine viscose jersey in a shade of bluey-purple which astronauts see as they are entering space. There is a fine, lighter fleck yarn running through the cloth, which could give the impression of the light shining through some other galaxy. So
Part number: CM900

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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are blue or have a blue theme.

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