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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are blue or have a blue theme.

Photography of Acetate Lining - A Different Beast Peacock


Acetate Lining - A Different Beast Peacock

very superior quality acetate linings as used by tailors.
Part number: CM620b
Photography of Almost Black Watch


Almost Black Watch

Nearly 60’’ wide, gorgeous brushed cotton cloth in an almost black watch design, one would have to say it’s a plaid design in green, purple and black with a fine line wagers based over tricky white. Very much of the ‘Melt in the Mouth variety’
Part number: CM621
Photography of Anchors Aweigh


Anchors Aweigh

Fabulous quality viscose / Lycra Jersey anchor print dress fabric
Part number: CM552
Photography of Bi - Stretch Check - Blue


Bi - Stretch Check - Blue

Pale blue bi stretch fabric a lightweight polyester suiting. A good old fashioned cloth, no doubt about that, but with a good width and it’s easy care. The weight is suitable for dresses.
Part number: CM515a
Photography of Blue Cotton Gingham


Blue Cotton Gingham

Cotton Gingham in pale blue slightly smaller than the standard 1/4inch check but only slightly. Woven from a nice soft yarn with a soft finish.
Part number: CM554
Photography of British Wool Furnishing - Royal


British Wool Furnishing - Royal

This is superb British made 98% wool, 2% nylon, flame retardant, wool furnishing fabric. Made for places where durability is everything. We have them in stock in some lovely colours.
Part number: CM683i
Photography of Butter Wouldn't Melt


Butter Wouldn't Melt

Absolutely delicious blue and cream cotton seersucker. 1mm blue- 2mm cream pinstripe. Beautiful cloth. Get it whilst you can.
Part number: CM709
Photography of Chambray Blue


Chambray Blue

A 64” wide blue cotton chambray made up of blue yarns and white yarns, woven on some of the best looms money can buy and a great cloth to wear.
Part number: CM376d
Photography of Cheese Cloth- Alhambra


Cheese Cloth- Alhambra

100% Cotton Cheese Cloth, pretty rare these days in that most of this, and probably this is made in India where there is a need for long garments with plenty of cloth in them that they can wrap around, wash easily and don’t need to iron. It is a an off-wh
Part number: CM625a
Photography of Christmas Prints - Donner and Blitzen


Christmas Prints - Donner and Blitzen

54in.wide, fine woven cotton poplin in a paler blue than the fabric with Father Christmas and lots of deer, Christmas trees and parcels. A fairly small print but easily discernable.
Part number: CM474a
Photography of Christmas Prints - Ho Ho Ho


Christmas Prints - Ho Ho Ho

54in. wide, quite splendid fine cotton poplin in a shade of winter sky blue with lots of snowmen with carroty noses dressed in lots of wintry things, scarves, gilets, fur hats, coats. Very jolly.
Part number: CM474b
Photography of Cortina



In the hills in parts of the Dolomites they have a breed of sheep whose name escapes me but this cloth is a very fine merino with a hint of alpaca jersey. As fine as any cotton jersey you’ll get so what was the point of making it out of wool? Whatever the
Part number: CM627

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