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Photography of Linen - Light Taupe

Linen - Light Taupe

Straight forward linen cloths with the usual slight slubbiness in the weave, and incidentally they are 144cm wide.
Part number: CM1229b
Photography of Angel Delight - Stone

Angel Delight - Stone

Approx Width: 141cm /55" Composition: Polyester Description: 60 inch wide viscose/ cupro like peachskin, this is as soft as a cloth can get and amongst other things I bet it makes fabulous nighties. It would actually be perfect for
Part number: CM824c
Photography of Safari - Camel

Safari - Camel

Another Marks & Spencer's suiting fabric. It is a polyester, viscose and lycra, lightweight summer trousering in a light camel/safari sort of colour; its tough but exceedingly soft fabric, quite creaseless and easy to look after cloth. Wonderful for jacke
Part number: CM310b
Photography of Autumn Tweed

Autumn Tweed

A bit of a hunting, shooting, fishing sort of cloth this one. Definitely for jackets and it is in a melange of mustard yellow-brown with hints of other autumnal colours woven in to this rather splendid flat tweed.
Part number: CM1291
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Hanakatoba

Pima Cotton Lawn - Hanakatoba

Made into a tea dress this will have heads turning. Glam it up with navy heels or city sights with red hats. It will also make up beautifully into a summer skirt or blouse and t
Part number: CM303j
Photography of Gold Pin

Gold Pin

A rather elegant brown wide herringbone weave suiting with a very fine dark red pinstripe at four centimetre intervals down the cloth. There are many shades of brown, to make up this rather splendid ‘sporting’ suiting.
Part number: CM1293
Photography of Top Coat

Top Coat

This is a heavyish weight all wool cloth, with a hint of a herringbone tweed weave in lots of muffled, muted shades of grey, beige, bit of black with the overall appearance is of a flat tweed. The weight is sufficient to make a light top coat, and certain
Part number: CM1286
Photography of Golden Herringbone

Golden Herringbone

A rather beautiful herringbone weave in oatmeal and dark brown. Jacket or trouser weight and a beautiful hand.
Part number: CM1295
Photography of Stunning Diane Lockhart

Stunning Diane Lockhart

This 150cm wide 97% cotton, 3% lycra sort of jacquard weave jacket/skirt weight cloth comes in a navy blue, with a lot of fancy elements in the weave with an all over, fairly abstract but somewhat floral design in muted shades of autumney tones of browns,
Part number: CM1307
Photography of Linen - Light Brown

Linen - Light Brown

Straight forward linen cloths with the usual slight slubbiness in the weave, and incidentally they are 144cm wide.
Part number: CM1229a
Photography of Cotton Jersey Mink - Bolt

Cotton Jersey Mink - Bolt

Here we have a wonderful lightweight cotton jersey., lighter weight ones are all the fashion at the moment, read into that what you will, fashion houses scrimping? or do you just prefer them so therefore that is what is made? These jerseys were intended t
Part number: CM1228g
Photography of Jigsaw Brown Floral

Jigsaw Brown Floral

French made viscose jersey fabric made for the high street chain Jigsaw. Wonderful comfy dresses and tops to go with floppy trousers and jeans. The aqua has a little more body to it so may be better at covering lumps and bumps, the brown is lighter but wi
Part number: Cm1233b

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