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Photography of Just a Little Bit More - Thea

Just a Little Bit More - Thea

Nice quality cotton poplin with an almost vintage pattern.
Part number: CM1240j
Photography of Jigsaw Brown Floral

Jigsaw Brown Floral

French made viscose jersey fabric made for the high street chain Jigsaw. Wonderful comfy dresses and tops to go with floppy trousers and jeans. The aqua has a little more body to it so may be better at covering lumps and bumps, the brown is lighter but wi
Part number: Cm1233b
Photography of Heathery


152cm wide british made pure new wool. Heathery sort of tweed, quite light in weight, but not too dark in tone. It comprises of brown, beige, grey-black and yellow yarns; carefully interwoven but forming a small wiggly line check which is in black. A litt
Part number: CM1175
Photography of Crinkle- Brown

Crinkle- Brown

Fantastic Italian heavyweight cotton cheesecloth, the best of the best, I can't quite purvey to you have lovely this is, it is such a wonderful fabric, interesting understated, different, this will make superb trousers or a kaftan top. As with the natu
Part number: CM867c
Photography of Hat Dance

Hat Dance

150cm wide at least striped polyester taffeta which looks fabulous in its own right and can be used as either an outer garment or a wonderful lining. the stripes are horizontal in a variegated pattern in tones of copper bronze olive black a fine orange st
Part number: CM1107
Photography of Lindt


150cm wide cotton velvet in a wonderful, very dark brown. Made in Germany, by the best people available for dress velvet. Beautifully soft, with an incredibly fine pile. This will make fabulous evening skirts or day time jackets.
Part number: CM1078
Photography of Flat Cap

Flat Cap

150cm wide wool, soft flat tweed suiting in a wonderful array of autumnal colours. Reds, greens, browns, heather; just a wonderful mélange of colour. Very county, very beautiful.
Part number: CM1076
Photography of Hefferlump- Brown

Hefferlump- Brown

A charming brown cotton with different coloured elephants all over it. This really is something special, not to mention really cute.
Part number: CM882a
Photography of Thread Cone - Cream

Thread Cone - Cream

5000 m cone of cream 120's polyester thread for use on overlocking machines.
Part number: X18c
Photography of Safari - Beige

Safari - Beige

See camel safari, it is slightly darker and slightly redder but exactly the same cloth. A Marks & Spencer's suiting fabric. It is a polyester, viscose and lycra, lightweight summer trousering in a light camel/safari sort of co
Part number: CM310a
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Hanakatoba

Pima Cotton Lawn - Hanakatoba

Made into a tea dress this will have heads turning. Glam it up with navy heels or city sights with red hats. It will also make up beautifully into a summer skirt or blouse and t
Part number: CM303j
Photography of Safari - Camel

Safari - Camel

Another Marks & Spencer's suiting fabric. It is a polyester, viscose and lycra, lightweight summer trousering in a light camel/safari sort of colour; its tough but exceedingly soft fabric, quite creaseless and easy to look after cloth. Wonderful for jacke
Part number: CM310b

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