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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are cream and beige or have a cream and beige theme.
Photography of Effloresent- Cream

Effloresent- Cream

Super quality 148cm wide cotton poplin with a red rose floral pattern. On a cream ground there is also petite green leaves with orange flowers.
Part number: cm1375
Photography of Abstraction


Abstraction or distraction? certainly fun though, this Italian made cotton Lycra dress fabric will look great in a pair of trousers, shirt or blow it, just go for a dress.
Part number: CM1410
Photography of Benartex- Machinaw Island

Benartex- Machinaw Island

112cm wide 100% cotton fabric from the leading supplier Benartex. This Fabric has a floral design on a beige ground With 16 Different colours included.
Part number: cm1362b
Photography of Disney-  Winnie The Poo

Disney- Winnie The Poo

140cm wide Disney Winnie The Poo cotton fabric a classical children's Disney program and film. This fabric is perfect for toddlers and babies with Winnie The Poo and Piglet playing as well as other baby toys scattered on the cream ground.
Photography of Christmas Canvas- Teddy Bear

Christmas Canvas- Teddy Bear

140cm wide natural canvas with a reasonably large print made up of teddy bears, father Christmas and snowmen.
Photography of Christmas Canvas Fabric- Snowmen

Christmas Canvas Fabric- Snowmen

140cm wide natural canvas onto which has been printed a lovely all over snowman print.
Photography of Christmas Cottons - Willy Wonka's Christmas

Christmas Cottons - Willy Wonka's Christmas

135cm wide sweet inspired Christmas print holly, ribbons, lollipops and candy sticks in red, navy and green all on a cream ground. A pretty print on decent quality fabric.
Part number: p186
Photography of Poplin Prints - English Rose - Blue

Poplin Prints - English Rose - Blue

Exquisite 100% cotton Poplin fabric with a delicate traditional style floral design perfect for making bridesmaid dresses for all ages
Part number: PP20b
Photography of Christmas Poly/cotton - Gingerbread Man - Red

Christmas Poly/cotton - Gingerbread Man - Red

112 cm wide cheap and cheerful poly cotton made up of red and white Christmas puddings as well as candy canes and Christmas trees.
Photography of Poplin Prints - Anja

Poplin Prints - Anja

Something a little bit different in this 112cm wide floral cotton print is the lovely pale taupe ground. It dose not suit my skin tone for garments it may suit yours, but it will make lovely items around the home.
Photography of Poplin Print-Rose and Hubble

Poplin Print-Rose and Hubble

Small traditional very pretty rose floral in pink, lemon and green on a navy ground, from the archives of rose and hubble.
Part number: CM1343
Photography of Poplin Print-Chartwell Cream

Poplin Print-Chartwell Cream

From the archives of rose and habble this traditional rose print cotton fabric is a classic. Pink green and yellow flowers on a pale cream ground.
Part number: CM1208b

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