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Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Sandringham

Pima Cotton Lawn - Sandringham

148cm wide simply stunning William Morris inspired print in the most gorgeous mint colour with a hint of lilac, blue, plus the flowers in peach - the photo does not do justice to how pretty this is - because green, aqua and mint are hard to portray... T
Part number: CM303s
Photography of Pretty Polly - Mekko  Green

Pretty Polly - Mekko Green

You cannot deny that this cloth is cheerful. A white poly/cotton with good sized flowers in greens, pink and yellow. The flowers are almost like those in a child's drawing or a cartoon, lending it an innocent feel.
Part number: CM1202b
Photography of Tropic - Purple

Tropic - Purple

144 cm wide black and purple abstract floral dress fabric. Superb quality and Italian made, the abstract pattern is large and abstract enough to avoid worries with patterrn matching, well we think so but have a look through the images
Part number: CM1163c
Photography of Bayou


154cm wide fabulously woven, striped cotton twill trousering. I wouldn’t have to be a lot younger, to have a pair of shorts made out of this. In fact I know a man, who would make them for me. But by the time I get round to it, he would have bought it all,
Part number: CM1194
Photography of Poplin Prints - Cottontail Lime

Poplin Prints - Cottontail Lime

This cotton is as cute as can be. The bigger rabbits are interspersed by fairy-tale-like mushrooms and smaller rabbits sitting patiently in a row. Every so often, a friendly bird pops up to say hello. The lime green ase gives a good contrasting effect, ma
Part number: CM1675c
Photography of Old Smoothie - Emerald Green

Old Smoothie - Emerald Green

150cm wide, fine cotton sateen in either emerald green, a bright golden yellow, or a darkish lime green. There is an inordinate amount of yarn in this cloth. And I do believe it could have been woven from satinized yarn rather than been treated and satini
Part number: CM1186a
Photography of Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Apple

Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Apple

A really lovely simple design in a lovely apple green colour. This is a really nice quality cotton fabric perfect for quilting, craft and dressmaking. 45" (114 cm) wide.
Part number: PP10m
Photography of Peacock


Great colour, great cloth. Substantial but light.
Part number: CM1168
Photography of Woodstock


More design than you can shake a stick at. Floral, paisley, geometric, abstract and a bit of architecture.
Part number: CM1166
Photography of Poplin Prints - Spiro - Green

Poplin Prints - Spiro - Green

This cotton poplin just looks like good old fashioned fun. The cheerful design makes me think of spirographs children used to have years ago. Full of greens, yellows, reds and blues this is perfect for children's clothes or just for brightening up a room
Part number: CM1678b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Edith Mint

Poplin Prints - Edith Mint

This is a very pretty floral cotton poplin. Set on an soft mint base, the floral bunches are bright and cheerful, with a vintage feel to them. I could imagine wearing this as a tea dress, drinking cloudy lemonade on a hot summers day; would you like to jo
Part number: CM1674b
Photography of Tie Dye Cotton - Lime

Tie Dye Cotton - Lime

145cm wide beautiful quality tie dye cotton batik fabric. Due to the nature of this fabric each metre is unique, this comes in gorgeous deep cerise pink and purple with paler pinks, lilac and a hint of yellow.
Part number: CM1672d

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