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Photography of Poplin Prints - Spirograph Green

Poplin Prints - Spirograph Green

This cotton poplin just looks like good old fashioned fun. The cheerful design makes me think of spirographs children used to have years ago. Full of greens, yellows, reds and blues this is perfect for children's clothes or just for brightening up a room
Part number: CM1678b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Edith Mint

Poplin Prints - Edith Mint

This is a very pretty floral cotton poplin. Set on an soft mint base, the floral bunches are bright and cheerful, with a vintage feel to them. I could imagine wearing this as a tea dress, drinking cloudy lemonade on a hot summers day; would you like to jo
Part number: CM1674b
Photography of Poplin Print - Hojo - Duck Egg Blue

Poplin Print - Hojo - Duck Egg Blue

Soft and elegant this Japanese inspired print is beautiful and offset on a beautifully soft duck egg blue ground.
Part number: CM1673a
Photography of Tie Dye Cotton - Lime

Tie Dye Cotton - Lime

145cm wide beautiful quality tie dye cotton batik fabric. Due to the nature of this fabric each metre is unique, this comes in gorgeous deep cerise pink and purple with paler pinks, lilac and a hint of yellow.
Part number: CM1672d
Photography of Hand Printed Batik - Green

Hand Printed Batik - Green

145cm wide beautiful quality hand printed cotton batik fabric in greeen cerise teal and orange. All of these have a plethora of colours and each metre is unique......
Part number: CM1671c
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Affandi

Pima Cotton Lawn - Affandi

This is a stunning, high quality pima cotton lawn. The pattern on this looks a bit Indonesian to me, hence the name. The pale blue, purple, green and other tones compliment each other in such a way that a dress made out of this would be eye catching, but
Part number: CM303m
Photography of Rose Selfridge

Rose Selfridge

148cm wide polyester chiffon in all together classy colour and pattern. The overall effect is pretty dark olive but because its a fine fabric it will depend what you out underneath it and being as fine as it is you may not be able to hide all your
Part number: CM1127
Photography of Waterproof Green Canvas

Waterproof Green Canvas

A strong, green, coated waterproof polyester canvas. Best to have the coated side as the face.
Part number: CM1152d
Photography of Olive


150cm wide polyester acrylic fleece. Not in the polar tech type fleece but a rather more solid and furry variety - its quite hefty without being heavy. Tightly knit short pile and comes in a speckled olive green. You pretty much know what this has been u
Part number: CM1150
Photography of Ab Fab - Pale Blue

Ab Fab - Pale Blue

Rather splendid 148cm wide polyester crepe de chine in two quite outrageously coloured floral patterns. Visually stunning. In two colour ways. Get noticed.
Part number: CM16670b
Photography of Ab Fab - Yellow

Ab Fab - Yellow

Rather splendid 148cm wide polyester crepe de chine in two quite outrageously coloured floral patterns. Visually stunning. In two colour ways. Get noticed.
Part number: CM16670a
Photography of A Rarity - Brushstrokes

A Rarity - Brushstrokes

Stuff like this does not come along; both in terms of quality of the cloth and the beautiful prints. We have 5 superb Italian 70% cotton, 30% silk lawn fabric in gorgeous designs
Part number: CM1106c

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