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Photography of Poplin Prints - Francesca

Poplin Prints - Francesca

This lovely poplin incorporates flowers you will see in any garden. In my mind, that makes it perfect for summer days, worn when taking a tour of the garden. With varying tones of pinks, green and yellow this is a very pretty cloth.
Part number: CM1677
Photography of Poplin Prints - Cottontail Grey

Poplin Prints - Cottontail Grey

This cotton is as cute as can be. The bigger rabbits are interspersed by fairy-tale-like mushrooms and smaller rabbits sitting patiently in a row. Every so often, a friendly bird pops up to say hello. The mid-grey base gives a good contrasting effect, mak
Part number: CM1675b
Photography of Granchester


6 wale cotton corduroy in a clerical grey which has got a slightly lighter grey tinge to the surface.
Part number: CM1119
Photography of Double D - Grey

Double D - Grey

150cm wide double-sided lightweight faux suede cloth in a slightly shimmering pale silver grey. What would Annie Oakley have to say about this?
Part number: CM1114
Photography of Water Resistant Fabric - Grey

Water Resistant Fabric - Grey

A superb lightweight mid-grey polyester coated ripstop fabric.
Part number: CM1152c
Photography of Fur Fur Better Thing

Fur Fur Better Thing

160cm wide lightish grey short pile on a black thickish jersey cloth. How about that then. Very soft and cosy and made from polyester which is very clever. This was made for an Italian designer.
Part number: CM1116
Photography of Chekov


didnít know really where to start with this but start with the width its 135cm. itís made of 53% cotton 38% wool and 9% nylon. What will it makeÖ not a suit because the pattern isnít suitable for that but a jacket certainly. Itís in dark grey with an i
Part number: CM1088
Photography of Velasco


148cm wide polyester lawn with a lovely soft silky feeling in a pale grey/taupe background with an all over very pretty floral design in pink green and citrus yellow. The design is a floral spray and then scattered all over are tiny little single flowers
Part number: CM1073
Photography of Third Umpire

Third Umpire

I have decided that you should be the ones to judge what this cloth is for I am undecided. Iíll tell you what I think and then perhaps we will discuss it. 140cm wide charcoal grey heavyweight loth made of wool, cotton, polyester and 10% something else. Th
Part number: CM1145
Photography of Cosi - Grey

Cosi - Grey

This is a fine brushed poly/cotton shirting with a wonderfully soft hand in a mid grey.
Part number: CM169b
Photography of Davy


This cloth shares more than just its colour with steel. It is just as hard working. Practically creaseless this lovely wool fabric would make a great work dress or maybe even a lightweight jacket.
Part number: CM755
Photography of Plain Poly/cotton - January

Plain Poly/cotton - January

Poly/cotton shirting fabric with a soft finish, in grey
Part number: CM880

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