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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are grey or have a grey theme.

Photography of Utility



Grey 100% polyester uniform fabric marled dark grey beautifully made utility fabric good for school uniform. 60" wide
Part number: CM185
Photography of Shadows- Grey


Shadows- Grey

This 60 wide poly viscose jersey cloths are a bit like a midsummer murders mystery where people have a perchant for appearing out of the shadows of the woods to either do someone in or find someone that has already been done in, in the wrong way. They a
Part number: CM642b
Photography of Needlecord - Palest Grey


Needlecord - Palest Grey

Stunning pale grey cotton needlecord fabric in a paler than pale grey. Apparently they are this seasons (Spring) fabrics from a well known designer brand. We had them in 6 colours, the plumb has all gone, but if you like corduroy pastel shades these rema
Part number: CM615c
Photography of Mr.Selfridge



I think he would have liked this grey magnificent woven check flannel shirting from Portugal, lovely lovely cloth. This will make wonderful PJ's, dressing gowns, Duvet covers, it is also perfect for a warm lining.
Part number: CM249
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Pale Grey


Cotton Jersey - Pale Grey

100% Cotton Jersey fabric in pale grey; 60-68 in wide. Perfect for summer tops and dresses.
Part number: OT64e
Photography of Cotton Interfacing


Cotton Interfacing

One metre (39) wide iron-on cotton interfacing in grey to be used where you need something of substance to stiffen the sinews.
Part number: X22
Photography of Cosi - Grey


Cosi - Grey

This is a fine brushed poly/cotton shirting with a wonderfully soft hand in a mid grey.
Part number: CM169b
Photography of British Wool  - Lamb


British Wool - Lamb

British Wool Suiting/Lightweight Coating It is not a plain flat grey, there is a suggestion of other tones in it. It is in a sort of flattened lambs wool weave if you will, with an ever so slightly polished finish. Exquisite.
Part number: CM520e
Photography of Bedford County


Bedford County

Flummoxed could have been another name for this grey cloth because its quite unusual. Its betwixt and between a corduroy and a Bedford cord. It us either the flattest corduroy I have ever seen or more likely it is a brushed Bedford cord, very nice, very
Part number: CM652
Photography of Davy



This cloth shares more than just its colour with steel. It is just as hard working. Practically creaseless this lovely wool fabric would make a great work dress or maybe even a lightweight jacket.
Part number: CM755
Photography of One of Those Days


One of Those Days

60 inch wide cotton gabardine trousering in pale grey. Beautiful cloth but you might need to embellish it to brighten it up.
Part number: CM796c
Photography of Angel Delight - Grey


Angel Delight - Grey

60 inch wide viscose/ copra silk as soft as a cloth can get and amongst other things I bet it makes fabulous nighties. It would actually be perfect for harem pants, or a lovely soft blouse
Part number: CM824b

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