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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are grey or have a grey theme.
Photography of Elegance


Im calling my mum!! I want a whole suit in this, Stunning Italian made linen mix stretch suiting fabric. In a timeless and classy silver grey, you cannot go wrong.
Part number: CM1418
Photography of Pimple


100% cotton 150cm wide cotton shirting fabric. The navy warp crosses a white weft so the result it a grey clot with a navy dot. Superb quality shirting.
Part number: cm1392
Photography of Benartex- Sew Vintage- Floral-Grey

Benartex- Sew Vintage- Floral-Grey

112cm wide Sew Vintage Cotton Fabric By Bristol Bay studio. This design is made up of Vintage Flowers on a grey ground. A beautifully Detailed fabric with a sophisticated colour pallet.
Part number: cm1372b
Photography of Disney- Tom and Jerry

Disney- Tom and Jerry

140cm wide Disney fabric, with classical Disney characters Tom and Jerry getting up to mischief. All on a mid grey ground with different coloured splodges. Non commercial use.
Photography of Poplin Prints - Ephesus Blue

Poplin Prints - Ephesus Blue

This grey cotton poplin, with its highly organised design could be a mosaic - hence being named after a roman city. Never say Croft Mill is not educational. The differing shades of green, grey and blue give this cloth a depth not often found on a poplin;
Part number: CM1348b
Photography of Linen - Pale Silver

Linen - Pale Silver

152cm wide pale silver grey linen, unlike most of the linens we have. There is a stiffness to this one but it will soften when washed, there is also no obvious slubiness and I think slightly less in its pick content ie there is not as much yarn, still a g
Part number: CM1322a
Photography of Delicious


Here we are, late June and I am going to talk to you about woollen fabrics. Mostly suiting weight, but where they arenít I will tell you. To a man, they are British made, the majority in Yorkshire but some have been made in Portugal. But none the worse fo
Part number: CM1296
Photography of Miss Marple

Miss Marple

A beautifully soft pale grey, darker grey, mustard, sage green and dark red, muted small window pane check a bit Miss Marple/Joyce Grenful type of cloth with lots of character.
Part number: CM1294
Photography of Checker


A fairly lightweight, small checkerboard check in black and grey, with a hand to die for. Very much a suiting/trouser weight.
Part number: CM1291
Photography of Overcoat


A distinct herringbone weave suiting in grey and black. It is the sort of thing that looks well, as an overcoat and in fact suitably lined may hang well enough for that too, but it is really a suiting weight.
Part number: CM1290
Photography of Silver Flannel

Silver Flannel

Resplendent pale grey, flannel suiting with an oh so appearance and a beautiful hand to match.
Part number: CM1288
Photography of Don't Laugh at Me

Don't Laugh at Me

150cm wide grey suiting, if I hadnít been fetched up proper I would try to make you believe that this is wool; but it isnít. Itís poly/viscose. Itís a mid-suiting weight, quite creaseless, beautifully soft, drapes a dream and has a very slight speckle in
Part number: CM1315

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