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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that have a pink/ purply theme.

Photography of A Tangled Web


A Tangled Web

In this case it’s a knitted web, not a woven web. It’s a fashion fabric; that alarms me somewhat, as every fabric made is a fashion fabric. This is fashionable as long as you want it to be, it is a cream acrylic, polyester and wool mix, knitted jersey fab
Part number: CM922
Photography of Mountain Momma

Mountain Momma

60” wide cotton check shirting with a light seersucker finish. The colours in the check are red, cerise, pink, very pale turquoise and colours made up of those colours where the weave criss-crosses so it’s bright and at the same time quite delicate. Remin
Part number: CM916
Photography of Uninhibited



59”/150cm wide wool, polyester acrylic mix cloth. Which was probably produced after someone had said to the designer “Don’t let your imagination inhibit you” the cloth is basically a flannel. And then they have bonded a sort of felt like cloth to it, whic
Part number: CM912
Photography of Andromeda



This 60” wide viscose, elastane jersey looks like a remnant of the big bang. Except this is rather more structured than the explosion, way back then. It is in a cream, purple, mauve and black with geometric shapes bursting out from various centres through
Part number: CM906
Photography of Dead Poet's Society


Dead Poet's Society

This is a 150cm or 58/60” wide 97% cotton, 3% elastane lightweight trousering/jacket cloth. It’s printed in a quite zany abstract pattern, in black, pale green, blue, mustard, red, cerise, with all manner of shapes and articles within the print, but none
Part number: CM903
Photography of Poplin Prints - Grandmother's Garden


Poplin Prints - Grandmother's Garden

Grandmother’s always have the best garden’s don’t they? And that’s what I thought of when I saw this cloth. It’s floral and pretty but also has a lovely vintage feel to it.
Part number: CM886
Photography of Flower Power


Flower Power

Blue, yellow, green , red, pink, lime, navy and orange. You certainly get a lot with this cloth. The floral design has an overlay of white polka dots, making it stand apart from other bright floral fabrics; you cannot help but smile when you see it. If yo
Part number: CM884
Photography of Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Baby Pink


Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Baby Pink

A really lovely simple design in baby pink. This is a really nice quality cotton perfect for quilting, craft and dressmaking. 45 in wide.
Part number: PP10c
Photography of Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Dusky Pink


Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Dusky Pink

A really lovely simple design in dusky pink. This is a really nice quality cotton perfect for quilting, craft and dressmaking. 45 in wide.
Part number: PP10e
Photography of Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Purple


Plain Dyed Cotton Poplin - Purple

Purple cotton Poplin fabric. 45" (114 cm) wide 100% cotton, beautiful fabric.
Part number: OT86b
Photography of Seersucker - pink and white


Seersucker - pink and white

This is a lovely pink/white tiny check cotton seersucker. Puff sleeves come to mind! 45 in wide
Part number: OT97a
Photography of Poplin Prints - Angelina Pink


Poplin Prints - Angelina Pink

45" (112 cm) wide lovely quality cotton poplin fabric in pink with ballerinas.
Part number: PP29a

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