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Photography of Red Waterproof Breathable Ripstop

Red Waterproof Breathable Ripstop

Strong lightweight breathable ripstop fabric. This is a pillar box red ripstop fabric with a silver membrane on the reverse.
Part number: CM1152d
Photography of Waterproof - Flourescent Orange

Waterproof - Flourescent Orange

This is a very strong polyester PU coated waterproof canvas fabric. It is a very bright fluorescent orange.
Part number: CM1152a
Photography of Satin Finish

Satin Finish

This is a fine cotton shirting fabric which is suitable for making dresses, It is simply a stunning satin cotton fabric, there is a lot of fine yarn in this, in other words... lightweight but not thin, expensive and fine. I hope you are getting my drift.
Photography of Audrey


Stunning floral cotton dress fabric, a timeless and pretty pattern that will look good on any age. Printed in Italy, this cotton poplin will look beautiful made up. It does have a slight stiffness to it but I think that is just the finish and it will soft
Part number: CM1135
Photography of Scarlet


140cm wide fine polyester 'sackcloth' weave polyester dress fabric in a nice flamenco/ scarlet red, nice soft finish with good draping qualities. good shirting or light skirting fabric.
Photography of Crepe - Candy Apple

Crepe - Candy Apple

This is a beautiful superb quality red crepe dress fabric, it is more of an orangey red, ie not a blue red, its is just gorgeous. Drapes like a dream and doesn't crease.
Photography of Think of a Number

Think of a Number

150cm wide absolutely glorious fine cotton poplin, which has then been printed according to who thought what first. The background is white. The main gist of the colourway is red, on that white, and then we have some black, fairly organised splodge here a
Part number: CM1071
Photography of Wild Thing

Wild Thing

60” wide, polyester georgette in an eruption of vivid colour. In fact that’s exactly what the pattern depicts - an eruption. Bright red, orange, purple, blue, lime fabulous really. Scrumptious as a wrap.
Part number: CM1057
Photography of Bright Lights, Big City - Stripe - Red/White

Bright Lights, Big City - Stripe - Red/White

This fun fabric is from the American brand Clothworks and designed by Jamie Wood. Jamie always wanted to be an artist and now she is a mother of two boys she is passionate about creating boy friendly designs. We think this high quality cotton poplin will
Part number: CM1064d
Photography of Vivienne


57In (145cm) wide woven Royal Stewart fabric in red, made to imitate a fine wool, I must emphasise that it is not but it is doing an OK job at trying to fool you, not that many of you would be fooled but I hope you know what I am getting at. This tartan
Part number: CM1061b
Photography of Mother Care

Mother Care

Exactly that! 150cm wide brushed cotton, made for mother care. As brushed cotton goes, this is light on the brushing but it is still a soft and delicate cloth for the money.
Part number: CM1044
Photography of Beaut - Red Marl

Beaut - Red Marl

This is superb British made 98% wool, 2% nylon, flame retardant, wool furnishing fabric. Made for places where durability is everything. We have them in stock in some lovely colours.
Part number: CM683e

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