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Photography of Skull and Roses


Skull and Roses

Skull and Rose Alexander Henry Type Fabric in an all over skull and rose print. Even in the middle of the roses, which are red by the way, there is a little skull. The background is black the skulls are white with blue markings and the odd red tooth, so i
Part number: CM451a
Photography of So Feng


So Feng

Skull and Dagger Fabric Alexander Henry type design on Black Background, the skull and crossbones printed on good quality black cotton perfect for Halloween
Part number: CM451b
Photography of Dem Bones


Dem Bones

Alexander Henry type design on a cream cotton cloth with an all over but not random skeleton print. The skeletons are partly dressed in male and female clothes and are jumping about, shaking their bones, playing guitars, one or two may be imbibing the dre
Part number: CM451c
Photography of Christmas Prints - Ho Ho Ho


Christmas Prints - Ho Ho Ho

54in. wide, quite splendid fine cotton poplin in a shade of winter sky blue with lots of snowmen with carroty noses dressed in lots of wintry things, scarves, gilets, fur hats, coats. Very jolly.
Part number: CM474b
Photography of Christmas Prints - Donner and Blitzen


Christmas Prints - Donner and Blitzen

54in.wide, fine woven cotton poplin in a paler blue than the fabric with Father Christmas and lots of deer, Christmas trees and parcels. A fairly small print but easily discernable.
Part number: CM474a
Photography of Christmas Prints - Gold Dot


Christmas Prints - Gold Dot

Good solid red background with zillions of tiny guilt spots
Part number: CM474h
Photography of Christmas Prints - Silver Guilt


Christmas Prints - Silver Guilt

Cream with an all over dense tiny leaf pattern in silver guilt
Part number: CM474f
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