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Photography of A Rarity - Blue Floral

A Rarity - Blue Floral

Stuff like this does not come along; both in terms of quality of the cloth and the beautiful prints. We have 5 superb Italian 70% cotton, 30% silk lawn fabric in gorgeous designs
Part number: CM1106b
Photography of Audrey


Stunning floral cotton dress fabric, a timeless and pretty pattern that will look good on any age. Printed in Italy, this cotton poplin will look beautiful made up. It does have a slight stiffness to it but I think that is just the finish and it will soft
Part number: CM1135
Photography of Velasco


This is a lovely fine polyester chiffon. The subdued colour of the base cloth and smaller cream flowers contrasts well against the brighter pink and yellow flowers. All in all very pretty and very ladylike.
Part number: CM1073
Photography of Flower meadow

Flower meadow

A French made viscose fabric of the highest order, high twist viscose which means that is feels beautiful to touch , almost silk like (not quite but beautifully smooth, it doesn't crease easily, and will be perfect for all occasions. A beautiful floral pa
Part number: CM
Photography of Wild Dreams

Wild Dreams

140cm wide fine very soft silk satin cloth in black with an all over “arty” floral print in white grey cerise and pink. A lot of which look a bit like random brush strokes.
Part number: CM1065
Photography of Safely Gathered

Safely Gathered

150cm wide polyester, pleated finish, fine crepe blouse cloth. Where the pleating has been gained chemically, rather than physically. So it is a very tiny, tiny pleat; which easily flattens out if you pull it but nevertheless it gathers, is the purpose I
Part number: CM1065
Photography of Gadzooks


147cm wide linen and cotton dress fabric from some John Kaldor range or other. In a black, white and pink all over abstract floral design. Lovely cloth and a rather tasty design.
Part number: CM1068
Photography of Strike Me

Strike Me

145cm wide black 97% cotton, 3% lycra dress fabric in a stunning black and white abstract floral design. It’s a fairly large design, so wont suit all…but it’s a corker.
Part number: CM1073
Photography of Think of a Number

Think of a Number

150cm wide absolutely glorious fine cotton poplin, which has then been printed according to who thought what first. The background is white. The main gist of the colourway is red, on that white, and then we have some black, fairly organised splodge here a
Part number: CM1071
Photography of Mother Care

Mother Care

Exactly that! 150cm wide brushed cotton, made for mother care. As brushed cotton goes, this is light on the brushing but it is still a soft and delicate cloth for the money.
Part number: CM1044
Photography of Pretty Polly - Lola

Pretty Polly - Lola

poly/cotton with a sweet floral design.
Part number: PC10
Photography of Poplin Prints - Tiny Rose Navy

Poplin Prints - Tiny Rose Navy

Navy cotton poplin with a small scale pink floral pattern. This has a lovely vintage look to it.
Part number: CM1063

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A selection of various fabric types with floral patterns for dressmaking.

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