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Geometric & Abstact

Photography of Ladies Day at the Races - Lagoon


Ladies Day at the Races - Lagoon

I don’t think the designs are suitable for a day at a winter race meeting, but certainly Ascot, Derby and on a particular fine Grand National, frocks made from these beautiful crepe-de-chine fabrics may be just the ticket, I know the emphasis these days i
Part number: CM395a
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Left Bank


Pima Cotton Lawn - Left Bank

56” (142 cm) wide Pima cotton lawn fabric, quite chic, quite French, quite arty floral design in pinks, blues, white and black. Lots of colour but still quite delicate.
Part number: CM303o
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Paisley


Pima Cotton Lawn - Paisley

If you are looking for a designer cotton paisley then please look no further. Made into a tea dress this will have heads turning. Glam it up with navy heels or city sights with red hats. It will also make up beautifully into a summer skirt or blouse and t
Part number: CM303f
Photography of PVC - Stardom


PVC - Stardom

I think we should have called this Saturday Night Fever, I might even be daring enough and use this to cover my kitchen table. We have just bought a new table, after 10 years, and the original one came in the house so it was very old. We finally went for
Part number: CM475b
Photography of Two Minds


Two Minds

54in. wide cotton lawn which was white and has then been printed upon so there is still some white showing but for the rest, it is a ‘designer’ print.
Part number: CM574
Photography of Cheese Cloth- Alhambra


Cheese Cloth- Alhambra

100% Cotton Cheese Cloth, pretty rare these days in that most of this, and probably this is made in India where there is a need for long garments with plenty of cloth in them that they can wrap around, wash easily and don’t need to iron. It is a an off-wh
Part number: CM625a
Photography of B. P. R


B. P. R

56’’ wide polyester Ponte Roma in dark grey and black, the black bit is floral which is on a fine lattice in grey. Not too heavy but very pleasant and made in 97% polyester, 3% lycra. It’s a good easy wear, easy care cloth.
Part number: CM624
Photography of R.E.M



60’’ wide cotton shirting, not quite as fine as a superfine poplin, but fine nevertheless. These yarns are slightly thicker so there’s fewer of them, but it’s still quite fine but tiny little bit open. It comes in a navy blue and off white pinhead check w
Part number: CM640
Photography of Balinese



60’’ wide Italian cotton lawn with an all over print some of it abstract, others pretending to be floral. All over the effect is abstract. It’s in purple, black, white, deep pink and pale mauve. The overall effect is of a broad stripe into which there is
Part number: CM639
Photography of Sherpa Fleece


Sherpa Fleece

Sherpa jacquard fleece in black and burgundy.The background is black with fawn interference as it were. It’s not too heavy, but looks warm and a thing of purpose, if you had an Airedale terrier he would get lost in this. Fabulous fabric.
Part number: CM452
Photography of A Feast For The Eyes


A Feast For The Eyes

56’’ wide beautifully fine cotton lawn in a bright poppy red with an all over floral design in shades of orange, pink, mauve, light green, pale blue, lemon and black. Light as a feather, beautiful hand and a fine an example of its ilk as you’ll find.
Part number: CM619
Photography of Joseph- Technicolour


Joseph- Technicolour

This 56’’ wide inordinately expensive knitted wool/viscose/cotton/cashmere cloth from Missoni has a definite Inca influence in that it looks vaguely Peruvian and favours the sort of capes that they wear in the Andes. Not that I’ve been, but I have seen pi
Part number: CM632a

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