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Geometric & Abstact

Photography of Poplin Prints - Spiro - Green

Poplin Prints - Spiro - Green

This cotton poplin just looks like good old fashioned fun. The cheerful design makes me think of spirographs children used to have years ago. Full of greens, yellows, reds and blues this is perfect for children's clothes or just for brightening up a room
Part number: CM1678b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Spiro - Pink

Poplin Prints - Spiro - Pink

This cotton poplin just looks like good old fashioned fun. The cheerful design makes me think of spirographs children used to have years ago. Full of pinks, oranges, yellows and green this is perfect for a little girls dress, or just for brightening up a
Part number: CM1678a
Photography of Papillon


160 cm wide polyester double jersey in a grey and black zigzag knitted pattern. A soft finish alike to very hardwearing and easy care properties makes this a fairly outstanding fabric.
Part number: CM1131
Photography of A Rarity - Mink Pink

A Rarity - Mink Pink

Stuff like this does not come along; both in terms of quality of the cloth and the beautiful prints. We have 5 superb Italian 70% cotton, 30% silk lawn fabric in gorgeous designs
Part number: CM1106e
Photography of Satin Finish

Satin Finish

This is a fine cotton shirting fabric which is suitable for making dresses, It is simply a stunning satin cotton fabric, there is a lot of fine yarn in this, in other words... lightweight but not thin, expensive and fine. I hope you are getting my drift.
Part number: CM1166
Photography of Caught in the Storm

Caught in the Storm

Now this is a cloth you don’t see the likes of too often. It is a cotton crepe de chine, printed in another ‘stormy’ abstract design in cream, brown, beige, black and grey. Quite striking without hitting you in the face and in order to get this amount of
Part number: CM1084
Photography of Zoom


150cm wide very fine polyester crepe de chine with an abstract pattern in purple and black on an off white ground which has the effect of a television camera zooming in and out on a pattern. So it goes from small to large, then back to small again. So it’
Part number: CM1083
Photography of Watership Down

Watership Down

150cm wide cotton, viscose and lycra very finely ribbed, woven suiting. With a design that resembles mascara down the face of a weeping clown. The base cloth is pure white, and the pattern, abstract though it is; looks a bit as though it has been smudged.
Part number: CM1082
Photography of Think of a Number

Think of a Number

150cm wide absolutely glorious fine cotton poplin, which has then been printed according to who thought what first. The background is white. The main gist of the colourway is red, on that white, and then we have some black, fairly organised splodge here a
Part number: CM1071
Photography of Country garden - Mint

Country garden - Mint

60ins wide cotton in stunning quality cotton lawn(as good as liberty and our pima quality) with an all over patchwork print in hundreds of different types of flowers all very small not a lot of the background showing very colourful it comes in three colou
Part number: CM830c
Photography of Burn Out

Burn Out

This describes a processes of textiles, a process whereby some parts of a cloth are removed chemically to a pattern, leaving it thickened in places, basically. What has happened in this particular case, is that the thin places are almost a fine net, and t
Part number: CM923
Photography of Imelda


Pleated, well almost pleated; you may say this is just crinkled, if in doubt order a sample. However this is a very nice fabric, a white poly/cotton that has a black spot on it next to a same size spot, which is actually a ‘burn out’ which creates a shado
Part number: CM885

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