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Our Favourite Fabrics This Week

Photography of Not To Smart, Alec

Not To Smart, Alec

134cm wide herringbone weave cotton suiting in navy blue. Im sure this has been made for loose fitting jackets of some kind. Probably for someone that would like you to believe that they are the best design in the world and therefore sell you an untailor
Part number: CM1232
Photography of Floral Chambray

Floral Chambray

146cm wide. We don't often see this, a printed chambray. A very nice one too. Lovely quality pink chambray cotton, onto which a pink, purple, blue and green floral design has been printed.
Part number: CM1257
Photography of Fandango


106cm wide fine cotton poplin in cerise with an all over floral pattern in pink, red, lilac, yellow and shades of green. Fairly dramatic print on a fairly good cloth.
Part number: CM1262
Photography of Finished Off

Finished Off

150cm (59ins wide) fine gorgeous cotton poplin in cream, with a bit a bit of a slippery finish to it - extremely fine. Pre-shrunk, perfect for dying and printing onto. Like everything good quality is hard to come by and this is a job lot, if you want dece
Part number: CM1012
Photography of Fur Fur Better Thing

Fur Fur Better Thing

160cm wide lightish grey short pile on a black thickish jersey cloth. How about that then. Very soft and cosy and made from polyester which is very clever. This was made for an Italian designer.
Part number: CM1116
Photography of Percale Sheeting

Percale Sheeting

92 inch wide cotton percale sheeting or shirting or whatever else you want to make from. This is a cloth made for sheeting but it has a lovely satin finish there are hundreds of threads to the square inch, it is only the width that prevents it from being
Part number: CM804
Photography of Pie


145cm/ 57" wide stunning quality medium weight printed viscose jersey fabric. Geometric print in claret, coral and black on a cream/ivory ground. We have been struggling to get hold of some decent printed viscose clobber but here we have it.
Part number: CM1329
Photography of Crepe - Rose Pink

Crepe - Rose Pink

A lovely lightweight crepe in rose pink.
Part number: CM1105h
Photography of Chiffon-Pale Pink

Chiffon-Pale Pink

149cm wide very pretty pale pink fabric. This is not a flat shiny chiffon, it has a crepe weave giving it texture and an elegant finish.
Part number: CM1323n
Photography of Chiffon-Silver


150cm wide silver polyester chiffon fabric. This is a perfect for bridal or evening wear. The metallic ivory yarn crossed with the black wrap gives this grey chiffon a metallic look. It is very elegant. It is not a flat chiffon, there is a slight texture
Part number: CM1323o
Photography of Mcveigh


Stunning lightweight wool suiting fabric in a multicoloured tartan design
Part number: CM1236
Photography of A Little Bit of This and That

A Little Bit of This and That

I fell in love with this when I first saw it, a fine cotton lawn witha denim coloured floral print. However as you can see from the pictures there are only 3 repeats of the striped design across from selvedge to selvedge. If it you can work with that, I t
Part number: CM1321

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