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Photography of Viscose Jersey - Brown


Viscose Jersey - Brown

60” (152 cm) Chocolate brown viscose lycra jersey fabric viscose despite having an awful lot of yarn in it is wonderfully lightweight. Superb quality jersey fabric.
Part number: CM129
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Black


Viscose Jersey - Black

Viscse Jerseyfabric has become very popular as it drapes very well and is nice and soft. This 58” (148 cm) wide fabric contains lycra and therefore tends to have a little shine to it. It is a eblack. A really nice colour.
Part number: CM129b
Photography of Underskirt - White


Underskirt - White

This does exactly what it says on the tin. 100% Polyester underskirt fabric.
Part number: CM444b
Photography of Tropical



60’’ wide viscose spandex jersey. In an all over exotic floral and palms pronged design. Suitable for, well perhaps you wouldn’t wear it on a Hawaiian holiday because they’d think you was daft. You would wear it having been on one, people still might thin
Part number: CM646
Photography of That's Amoré


That's Amoré

60’’ wide beautifully fine, viscose jersey in a dark navy and white with an almost pizza design. There’s an equal amount of each colour showing, but it’s meant to be a white print on black. The round shapes in the design are as big as dinner plates with b
Part number: CM645
Photography of Shadows- Grey


Shadows- Grey

This 60’’ wide poly viscose jersey cloths are a bit like a midsummer murders mystery where people have a perchant for appearing out of the shadows of the woods to either do someone in or find someone that has already been done in, in the wrong way. They a
Part number: CM642b
Photography of Kybosh



Black Cotton rib knit Jersey Ideal for ill-fitting garments good material and good value a fairly fine rib but not too fine.
Part number: CM499
Photography of Interlock - Zoo Zoo Zoo


Interlock - Zoo Zoo Zoo

A rather brightly coloured 70” wide cotton interlock jersey in bright red, depicting zoo animals, lions, tigers, hippo’s, elephants, giraffes, in different colours
Part number: CM422c
Photography of Cotton Jersey with Lycra- Black


Cotton Jersey with Lycra- Black

Good quality medium in wash jersey, perfect if you need a bit of give.
Part number: CM610b
Photography of Cotton Jersey - White


Cotton Jersey - White

100% Cotton Jersey fabric in white, at least 60" (152 cm) wide.
Part number: OT64a
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Pale Grey


Cotton Jersey - Pale Grey

100% Cotton Jersey fabric in pale grey; 60-68 in wide. Perfect for summer tops and dresses.
Part number: OT64e
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Pale Aqua


Cotton Jersey - Pale Aqua

100% Cotton Jersey fabric, light weight in pale mint at least 60" (152 cm) wide.
Part number: OT64f

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