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Photography of Trench


It is summertime so maybe an ivory trench coat is on your agenda. This is a 160cm wide cotton fine gabardine which is full waterproof. It has actually been sold as having polyester in it but we cannot detect any in our tests. Fabulous clobber!
Part number: CM1238
Photography of Summertime - Goodness Me

Summertime - Goodness Me

60” wide beautifully made, cotton canvas in a big, bold, tablecloth like check in lovely pastel lemons, turquoise, green, pale blue, mixtures of these colours where the yarns cross. And then there is a bolder, deeper, lilac stripe running down the cloth;
Part number: CM1256c
Photography of PVC - Funky Floral

PVC - Funky Floral

This is a PVC coated ripstop fabric, waterproof with a funky floral design.
Part number: CM475e
Photography of PVC - Birdie

PVC - Birdie

This is a PVC coated ripstop fabric, waterproof with a fun quirky bird print. I think it is really clever because it looks like a paisley pattern
Part number: CM475a
Photography of Waterproof - Royal Blue

Waterproof - Royal Blue

A superb lightweight royal blue polyester coated ripstop fabric.
Part number: CM1152b
Photography of Waterproof Breathable Ripstop Red

Waterproof Breathable Ripstop Red

Strong lightweight breathable ripstop fabric. This is a pillar box red ripstop fabric with a silver membrane on the reverse.
Part number: CM1152h
Photography of Black Rip Stop Canvas

Black Rip Stop Canvas

Black polyester ripstop canvas
Part number: CM876
Photography of Tee Hee

Tee Hee

150cm wide fine cotton suiting in dark brown with the faintest of faint shadow stripes in white. Ideal suiting for one of Mr Big’s associates.
Part number: CM1238
Photography of Mouflon - Red

Mouflon - Red

Looks like wool, feels like wool, and if it was wool we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Nevertheless beautiful cloth, well suited for winter coats and jackets
Part number: CM1022b
Photography of Water Resistant Fabric - Grey

Water Resistant Fabric - Grey

A superb lightweight mid-grey polyester coated ripstop fabric.
Part number: CM1152c
Photography of Waterproof - Flourescent Orange

Waterproof - Flourescent Orange

This is a very strong polyester PU coated waterproof canvas fabric. It is a very bright fluorescent orange.
Part number: CM1152a

Do you like spending time in the great out-doors? If you do you will like this page, as it is made up of out-door and leisure fabrics. Out-door and leisure fabrics tend to focus more on comfort and practicality, however we think these have a rather nice appearance too.

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