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Photography of Heathery


152cm wide british made pure new wool. Heathery sort of tweed, quite light in weight, but not too dark in tone. It comprises of brown, beige, grey-black and yellow yarns; carefully interwoven but forming a small wiggly line check which is in black. A litt
Part number: CM1175
Photography of Navy Waterproof Breathable Ripstop Fabric

Navy Waterproof Breathable Ripstop Fabric

This is a very nice navy blue waterproof lightweight canvas ripstop with a breathable membrane in white.
Part number: CM1152e
Photography of Waterproof Breathable Ripstop Red

Waterproof Breathable Ripstop Red

Strong lightweight breathable ripstop fabric. This is a pillar box red ripstop fabric with a silver membrane on the reverse.
Part number: CM1152h
Photography of Waterproof Green Canvas

Waterproof Green Canvas

A strong, green, coated waterproof polyester canvas. Best to have the coated side as the face.
Part number: CM1152d
Photography of Water Resistant Fabric - Grey

Water Resistant Fabric - Grey

A superb lightweight mid-grey polyester coated ripstop fabric.
Part number: CM1152c
Photography of Guinness


60” poly (20%) wool (80%) melton German jacket cloth in cream. With perhaps just a tint of a pinkish tinge, although that could be the light I’m standing in. It has a self-coloured window pane check in the weave, it is beautifully soft and whilst not ev
Part number: CM1023c
Photography of Paul


59in wide 100% pure new wool jacketing in a black heavy crepe like weave would suit long skirts as well as jackets and it from one of England's top manufacturers
Part number: CM1023f
Photography of Mouflon - Red

Mouflon - Red

Looks like wool, feels like wool, and if it was wool we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Nevertheless beautiful cloth, well suited for winter coats and jackets
Part number: CM1022b
Photography of The Undertaker

The Undertaker

60” wide, pure worsted wool fine twill flannel suiting in jet black, with a hand of silk. 2% lycra for a bit of give. Just beautiful.
Part number: CM1052
Photography of Super D

Super D

60” wide, beautiful, lightweight, woollen suiting cloth, in a very fine Donegal tweed. In all truth it can’t be Donegal tweed because there is not enough specks of colour, and it’s not coarse enough. In fact it feels beautifully soft.But nonetheless its q
Part number: CM1047
Photography of Black Wool with Cashmere Coating

Black Wool with Cashmere Coating

This is a stunning black wool and cashmere coating fabric. It is a wonderful weight; it has a small amount of polyester in it to give it added durability. This will last a lifetime and will never date. Stunning! If you are into black and white decor this
Part number: CM992a
Photography of Mouflon - Black

Mouflon - Black

Looks like wool, feels like wool, and if it was wool we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Nevertheless beautiful cloth, well suited for winter coats and jackets. Washable.
Part number: CM1022c

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A good coat can be real investment. So why not make your own to ensure it is a style and fit that you love? This is our selection of coating fabrics; some of the coating fabrics will keep you dry, other coating fabrics will keep you warm. So wherever you plan on wearing the coat you make, you can rest assured that it will serve you well.

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