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Photography of Jett - Black Water proof Canvas

Jett - Black Water proof Canvas

Black waterproof lightweight canvas.
Part number: CM884
Photography of Velvilicious - Black Wool and Cashmere Fabric

Velvilicious - Black Wool and Cashmere Fabric

This is a stunning black wool and cashmere coating fabric which has a velvet looking finish. It is a wonderful weight, it has a small amount of polyester in it making it very durable, this will last a lifetime and will never date. Stunning! If you are int
Part number: CM500
Photography of Wow


Here is a cotton/lycra heavy twill large floral printed fabric, in black, taupe, grey and white made for Coast. They used it for coats. You could bet it would make fabulous curtains and cushions too
Part number: CM389
Photography of Oilcloth - Grace Sky

Oilcloth - Grace Sky

We have this pattern in a high quality cotton poplin, but now we have also got backed with PVC. The coating was applied in the UK. This coated cotton will make very pretty bags, table cloths, or even a mac.
Part number: CM870
Photography of Brace Yourself

Brace Yourself

60 wide woollen mouflon coating in dark wine/burgundy. And for those unfamiliar, a mouflon is a coating which has a very light brushed appearance, giving the cloth a little bit more volume, obviously without adding to the weight. A glorious cloth I ever
Part number: CM959

A good coat can be real investment. So why not make your own to ensure it is a style and fit that you love? This is our selection of coating fabrics; some of the coating fabrics will keep you dry, other coating fabrics will keep you warm. So wherever you plan on wearing the coat you make, you can rest assured that it will serve you well.

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