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Photography of Bright


Here we have a superb cloth. 150cm wide 50% pure virgin wool and 50% Rayon crepe fabric, almost a dress weight, but certainly lightweight suiting. There is a tiny little pattern woven into the base cloth which from even quite near just looks like weave in
Part number: CM1232
Photography of For The One and Only Kate Moss

For The One and Only Kate Moss

60in wide black mechanical stretch crepe fabric. We may well get into trouble for using her name, I am not entirely sure but please let us know if you do know. This fabric was made for her collection at Top Shop. These dresses retail at £150 + mark, not t
Part number: CM381b
Photography of Top Notch

Top Notch

Simply stunning navy blue with burgundy striped wool fabric of the highest order made in Yorkshire.
Part number: CM1151
Photography of Dressiness - Ivory/Pale Cream

Dressiness - Ivory/Pale Cream

60” wide ivory/pale cream, viscose/polyester/cotton lightweight suiting which has an element of “dressiness” and might even have been used for evening wear.
Part number: CM931c
Photography of Dressiness - Navy

Dressiness - Navy

60” wide black, viscose/polyester/cotton lightweight suiting which has an element of “dressiness” and might even have been used for evening wear.
Part number: CM931a
Photography of Dressiness - Black

Dressiness - Black

60” wide black, viscose/polyester/cotton lightweight dress fabric which has an element of “dressiness” and might even have been used for evening wear.
Part number: CM931b
Photography of Seeing Double - Cross Hatch

Seeing Double - Cross Hatch

To be or not to be… Black, not a pure dark black fabric, albeit a stunning cloth. Some blacks can be a little paler than others and it is fair to say that this is one of these. A good weight cotton suiting fabric with a cross hatch weave which gives it a
Part number: CM888a
Photography of A Dark Secret - Poly/Viscose/Lycra Suiting

A Dark Secret - Poly/Viscose/Lycra Suiting

The cloth is black, it has a dull satin finish, scruples fairly well in the hand but not entirely crease free by any stretch of the imagination, probably a 7oz weight in old money, which makes it slightly heavier than the Chino, it is a gorgeous soft hand
Part number: CM399
Photography of Cloth For All Seasons - Stone

Cloth For All Seasons - Stone

Twill Cotton Suiting Fabric in Stone which will make wonderful trousers, skirts, jackets and a wonderful fabric bag.
Part number: CM318e
Photography of Maypole


60” wide fairly heavy, very drapey, polyester crepe, not a cheap and nasty crepe, it’s a very expensive one, beautifully made and really will make up well.
Part number: CM381
Photography of Navy Worsted Suiting Cloth

Navy Worsted Suiting Cloth

60” wide pure worsted wool, lightweight suiting in a lovely rich dark navy, there is a little bit of crepeness to the weave, which gives it a little bit of surface interest, beautifully made cloth.
Part number: CM1181
Photography of Pales in to Insignificance

Pales in to Insignificance

Lightweight poly/viscose bedford cord trousering and dress fabric in what is described on the label as being pale olive, it’s never seen olive in this world, it’s just another shade of stone it would make anything from shirts to trousers and is a very eas
Part number: CM339
Photography of Safari - Beige

Safari - Beige

See camel safari, it is slightly darker and slightly redder but exactly the same cloth. A Marks & Spencer's suiting fabric. It is a polyester, viscose and lycra, lightweight summer trousering in a light camel/safari sort of co
Part number: CM310a
Photography of Safari - Camel

Safari - Camel

Another Marks & Spencer's suiting fabric. It is a polyester, viscose and lycra, lightweight summer trousering in a light camel/safari sort of colour; its tough but exceedingly soft fabric, quite creaseless and easy to look after cloth. Wonderful for jacke
Part number: CM310b
Photography of Pindrop


Now there’s a thing, Pinstriped cotton chino in dark fawn with a very lightly sanded finish made from quite fine yarn and tightly woven.
Part number: CM820a
Photography of Out of Time - Black Stretch Worsted Wool Fabric

Out of Time - Black Stretch Worsted Wool Fabric

It would also be prudent at this time to tell you of this 60 inch wide black pure wool worsted suiting whose wondrous nature I am almost a loss to describe. If you want send for a sample you probably will anyway because of the price but e-by-gum is gradle
Part number: CM842b
Photography of Lime Grove

Lime Grove

62” polycotton trousering. A bright, but not to bright mint. Very refreshing.
Part number: CM818b
Photography of Lady


58/59” wide pale cream polyester/viscose peached suiting. Very much of a summer nature, soft to the touch, very crease-resistant. More of a lady’s cloth than a man’s a suspect.
Part number: CM958
Photography of Super D

Super D

60” wide, beautiful, lightweight, woollen suiting cloth, in a very fine Donegal tweed. In all truth it can’t be Donegal tweed because there is not enough specks of colour, and it’s not coarse enough. In fact it feels beautifully soft.But nonetheless its q
Part number: CM1047
Photography of Omerta


145cm wide black polyester straw cloth/ linen look lightweight suiting in a very dark black. Good weight nice soft finish. Great draping qualities.
Part number: CM1093
Photography of Moving On Ivory

Moving On Ivory

150cm wide quite heavy woven polyester suiting with a highlighted, quite shiny fine “brocade” stripe at very fine intervals across the cloth. Very much a wedding suit sort of cloth, but having said that it is also a because of the weight quite drapey. Not
Part number: CM1239
Photography of Tee Hee

Tee Hee

150cm wide fine cotton suiting in dark brown with the faintest of faint shadow stripes in white. Ideal suiting for one of Mr Big’s associates.
Part number: CM1238
Photography of Enjoy


152cm wide 80% Worsted wool, 20% polyester fine check suiting so soft you could almost make a nightie out of it, but it would hardly be passion inducing. But then again… The check is made up of many different checks and has lots of lovely, it has to
Part number: CM1243
Photography of NCIS


152cm wide very finely woven, but very densely woven cotton gabardine in navy. There is an unbelievable amount of yarn in this very strong, and quite hefty fabric.
Part number: CM1248
Photography of Old & New - Pale Pink

Old & New - Pale Pink

110cm wide cotton chino in pale baby pink, with a very slight, soft sanded finish. All of this doesn’t really add up. The width of the cloth suggests that it is not young, but the sanding suggests that it’s quite new. It is a very fine twill weave, and a
Part number: CM1251b
Photography of Who's a Nice Boy Then?

Who's a Nice Boy Then?

58/59” wide dark navy blue poly/viscose/spandex suiting with an absolutely gorgeous finish. More of a summer weight than anything else. Beautifully made.
Part number: CM925a
Photography of Mustava


Not sure why, but this cloth reminds me of a Persian carpet its 58/59” wide. With what I can only describe as a gentle, fine, Persian carpet pattern. There is not a lot of colour in it, white, black, bit of orange, pale green, hint of yellow. Perhaps a li
Part number: CM902
Photography of And The Prize Goes To...

And The Prize Goes To...

Top class winner all round, a rather splendid wool/mohair lightweight suiting in light navy blue. It is of the finest quality and made for Paul Smith.
Part number: CM1230
Photography of The Dark Side

The Dark Side

152cm wide cotton suiting in a fairly plain but interesting weave; which is navy blue on one side and black on the other. I think it all started out as a dark navy suiting and somebody decided to be clever and dyed the other side black, which gives you re
Part number: CM1250
Photography of Sombrero - Black

Sombrero - Black

152cm wide poly/wool elastane lightweight suiting/dress fabrics in either black or navy blue. A lovely soft and swirly cloth.
Part number: CM1253a
Photography of Odd Job

Odd Job

130cm wide fine cotton gabardine with 2% elastane in a rather nice shade of a sandy colour. I think you can probably make tight fitting stuff as well as not so tight fitting stuff from this cloth. It’s a gem.
Part number: CM1255
Photography of Papillon


150cm wide at least, cotton twill fabric in cream with a woven light brown, horizontal fine stripe. A wonderful summer jacket, shorts or trouser weight cloth, with a fairly soft finish, but extremely hard wearing to boot.
Part number: CM1236

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