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Cotton Suiting

On this page you will find our Cotton Suiting fabrics, we love them all year round, however cotton suiting is particularly good during the summer as they allow you to keep cool but still look smart. If you are going to a summer wedding, invest in some cotton suiting.

Photography of Abstraction


Abstraction or distraction? certainly fun though, this Italian made cotton Lycra dress fabric will look great in a pair of trousers, shirt or blow it, just go for a dress.
Part number: CM1410
Photography of Octopussy


136cm wide Italian made cotton/linen fabric with a fabulous blue and navy print on a white/ slightly off white ground.
Part number: CM1409
Photography of Crunchy


150cm wide at least. Honeycomb weave cotton suiting, in a quite brilliant white. The surface of the honeycomb stands slightly proud of base cloth and has just a hint of a sheen to it, of a weight suitable for jackets, skirts, trousers and shorts. And I th
Part number: CM1299
Photography of Warmington


150cm wide cream wool and cotton cavalry twill suiting. This is a cloth very much of a bygone era and would be resplendent in jackets, skirts and even trousers at a garden party, bowling club or maybe even Wentworth. Beautifully made, and in old money is
Part number: CM1298
Photography of Keegan


150 cm wide cotton suiting fabric from Spain in cream and black. It is actually a cream cloth with this small black maybe footprint, handprint, and toe print pattern in black printed on it. But don’t go berserk or you’ll look a bit like Charlie Chester or
Part number: CM1092
Photography of Sands of Iwo Jima

Sands of Iwo Jima

60’’ wide, 70% linen, 30% cotton. “Denim” fabric in shades of sand of brown and white yarn. It doesn’t have a very soft hand and just a slight sheen to the surface which is created by having so much linen in it. That being the case, of course it will crea
Part number: CM641
Photography of Not To Smart, Alec

Not To Smart, Alec

134cm wide herringbone weave cotton suiting in navy blue. I’m sure this has been made for loose fitting jackets of some kind. Probably for someone that would like you to believe that they are the best design in the world and therefore sell you an untailor
Part number: CM1232
Photography of Tee Hee

Tee Hee

150cm wide fine cotton suiting in dark brown with the faintest of faint shadow stripes in white. Ideal suiting for one of Mr Big’s associates.
Part number: CM1238
Photography of NCIS


152cm wide very finely woven, but very densely woven cotton gabardine in navy. There is an unbelievable amount of yarn in this very strong, and quite hefty fabric.
Part number: CM1248
Photography of Needlecord - Kingfisher

Needlecord - Kingfisher

110cm wide 16 whale cotton needlecord in either damson or kingfisher. A bit old fashioned in the width, but everything else about it is now.
Part number: CM1254b
Photography of Odd Job

Odd Job

130cm wide fine cotton gabardine with 2% elastane in a rather nice shade of a sandy colour. I think you can probably make tight fitting stuff as well as not so tight fitting stuff from this cloth. It’s a gem.
Part number: CM1255
Photography of Old & New - Pale Pink

Old & New - Pale Pink

110cm wide cotton chino in pale baby pink, with a very slight, soft sanded finish. All of this doesn’t really add up. The width of the cloth suggests that it is not young, but the sanding suggests that it’s quite new. It is a very fine twill weave, and a
Part number: CM1251b

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