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Cotton Suiting

Photography of Mini Panda

Mini Panda

150 cm wide cotton suiting fabric from Spain in cream and black. It is actually a cream cloth with this small black maybe footprint, handprint, and toe print pattern in black printed on it. But don’t go berserk or you’ll look a bit like Charlie Chester or
Part number: CM1092
Photography of Watership Down

Watership Down

150cm wide cotton, viscose and lycra very finely ribbed, woven suiting. With a design that resembles mascara down the face of a weeping clown. The base cloth is pure white, and the pattern, abstract though it is; looks a bit as though it has been smudged.
Part number: CM1082
Photography of Seeing Double - Cross Hatch

Seeing Double - Cross Hatch

To be or not to be… Black, not a pure dark black fabric, albeit a stunning cloth. Some blacks can be a little paler than others and it is fair to say that this is one of these. A good weight cotton suiting fabric with a cross hatch weave which gives it a
Part number: CM888a
Photography of Cloth For All Seasons - Stone

Cloth For All Seasons - Stone

Twill Cotton Suiting Fabric in Stone which will make wonderful trousers, skirts, jackets and a wonderful fabric bag.
Part number: CM318e
Photography of Sands of Iwo Jima

Sands of Iwo Jima

60’’ wide, 70% linen, 30% cotton. “Denim” fabric in shades of sand of brown and white yarn. It doesn’t have a very soft hand and just a slight sheen to the surface which is created by having so much linen in it. That being the case, of course it will crea
Part number: CM641
Photography of Pindrop


Now there’s a thing, Pinstriped cotton chino in dark fawn with a very lightly sanded finish made from quite fine yarn and tightly woven.
Part number: CM820a
Photography of Vive la Difference

Vive la Difference

59 inch wide cotton with 2% Lycra drill in a cracking shade of damson. substance without weight and a soft finish.
Part number: CM803
Photography of 50 Shades - Dark Grey

50 Shades - Dark Grey

Tiny grey and white check suiting. Another Italian made fabric for a famous British designer, very soft cotton, this has been lightly brushed to give it this soft handle that would be equally at home in a big floppy shirt or a pair of trousers or indeed w
Part number: CM977b

On this page you will find our Cotton Suiting fabrics, we love them all year round, however cotton suiting is particularly good during the summer as they allow you to keep cool but still look smart. If you are going to a summer wedding, invest in some cotton suiting.

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