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Photography of Cross Hatch


Cross Hatch

To be or not to be… Black, not a pure dark black fabric, albeit a stunning cloth. Some blacks can be a little paler than others and it is fair to say that this is one of these. A good weight cotton suiting fabric with a cross hatch weave which gives it a
Part number: CM888
Photography of Cloth For All Seasons - Stone


Cloth For All Seasons - Stone

Twill Cotton Suiting Fabric in Stone which will make wonderful trousers, skirts, jackets and a wonderful fabric bag.
Part number: CM318e
Photography of Cloth For All Seasons - Shadow Stripe


Cloth For All Seasons - Shadow Stripe

Cotton suiting fabric which will make wonderful trousers, skirts, jackets and a wonderful fabric bag. Also light brown, a bit brownier brown than Herringbone and this has a fine shadow stripe in the weave at very narrow intervals.
Part number: CM318y
Photography of Needlecord - Palest Grey


Needlecord - Palest Grey

Stunning pale grey cotton needlecord fabric in a paler than pale grey. Apparently they are this seasons (Spring) fabrics from a well known designer brand. We had them in 6 colours, the plumb has all gone, but if you like corduroy pastel shades these rema
Part number: CM615c
Photography of Sands of Iwo Jima


Sands of Iwo Jima

60’’ wide, 70% linen, 30% cotton. “Denim” fabric in shades of sand of brown and white yarn. It doesn’t have a very soft hand and just a slight sheen to the surface which is created by having so much linen in it. That being the case, of course it will crea
Part number: CM641
Photography of Bedford County


Bedford County

Flummoxed could have been another name for this grey cloth because its quite unusual. Its betwixt and between a corduroy and a Bedford cord. It us either the flattest corduroy I have ever seen or more likely it is a brushed Bedford cord, very nice, very
Part number: CM652
Photography of Give A Little - Damson


Give A Little - Damson

60” (152 cm) wide cotton/lycra twill trousering fabric in burgundy, might even be leaning towards aubergine. A bit of a satiny finish, wonderful cloth.
Part number: CM302b
Photography of Hideaway



56" wide polyester/lycra twill trousering in a cream/brown/grey/black sort of camouflage print. Lovely soft hand for a tough cloth.
Part number: CM598
Photography of Green Tea


Green Tea

60ins wide lightweight cotton gabardine in a not too creamy cream pretty much of the bowling/ croquet kind of colour.
Part number: CM796a
Photography of Bertolli



43in wide olive green cotton 4 wale lightweight corduroy, although has fairly soft hand it appears to be rather rugged.
Part number: CM815a
Photography of Spandau



56 in wide awfully nice cotton lycra chino trousering in a dark mustardy gold colour.
Part number: CM812a
Photography of Cherry Ripe


Cherry Ripe

60inch wide (at least) cotton rich cotton/poly gabardine trousering pleasant shade of cherry red, not shouting, not whispering; just talking.
Part number: CM818a

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