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Easy Care Suiting

This is our collection of easy care suitings. Polyester/ Viscose fabrics. Some are mixed with wool and other natural fibres but just have a look to see.
Photography of Valdemort


137cm wide superb 98% Cotton, 2% lycra suiting, in an exceeding dark black with a satin finish. A cloth to squeeze into.
Part number: CM1325
Photography of Don't Laugh at Me

Don't Laugh at Me

150cm wide grey suiting, if I hadnít been fetched up proper I would try to make you believe that this is wool; but it isnít. Itís poly/viscose. Itís a mid-suiting weight, quite creaseless, beautifully soft, drapes a dream and has a very slight speckle in
Part number: CM1315
Photography of For The One and Only Kate Moss

For The One and Only Kate Moss

60in wide black mechanical stretch crepe fabric. We may well get into trouble for using her name, I am not entirely sure but please let us know if you do know. This fabric was made for her collection at Top Shop. These dresses retail at £150 + mark, not t
Part number: CM381b
Photography of Lindley


150cm wide 65% wool 35% polyester hacking check suiting in green with a blue and dark burgundy houndstooth check. Not everything comes to he who waits.
Part number: CM1161
Photography of Momma Said..... - Viscose wool lycra suiting

Momma Said..... - Viscose wool lycra suiting

Number 3, momma said, was about to say Iíd reached an awkward age. But I must have said that many times before, because I have had many awkward ages to go through. And I am certainly not at an age to be able to wear this cloth, or maybe the colour. Itís i
Part number: CM1069
Photography of Parliament


If this cloth had a vote, it would either abstain or cross the floor, and halfway across forget what it was about to do. It is a 60Ē wide polyester, elastane trousering, in a very dark cream, with a fancy woven self-coloured stripe at 1Ē intervals, in bet
Part number: CM929
Photography of Pales in to Insignificance

Pales in to Insignificance

Lightweight poly/viscose bedford cord trousering and dress fabric in what is described on the label as being pale olive, itís never seen olive in this world, itís just another shade of stone it would make anything from shirts to trousers and is a very eas
Part number: CM339
Photography of Maypole


60Ē wide fairly heavy, very drapey, polyester crepe, not a cheap and nasty crepe, itís a very expensive one, beautifully made and really will make up well.
Part number: CM381
Photography of A Dark Secret - Poly/Viscose/Lycra Suiting

A Dark Secret - Poly/Viscose/Lycra Suiting

The cloth is black, it has a dull satin finish, scruples fairly well in the hand but not entirely crease free by any stretch of the imagination, probably a 7oz weight in old money, which makes it slightly heavier than the Chino, it is a gorgeous soft hand
Part number: CM399
Photography of Lime Grove

Lime Grove

62Ē polycotton trousering. A bright, but not to bright mint. Very refreshing.
Part number: CM818b
Photography of Moving On Ivory

Moving On Ivory

150cm wide quite heavy woven polyester suiting with a highlighted, quite shiny fine ďbrocadeĒ stripe at very fine intervals across the cloth. Very much a wedding suit sort of cloth, but having said that it is also a because of the weight quite drapey. Not
Part number: CM1239
Photography of Sombrero - Black

Sombrero - Black

152cm wide poly/wool elastane lightweight suiting/dress fabrics in either black or navy blue. A lovely soft and swirly cloth.
Part number: CM1253a
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