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PVC Coated Printed Ripstop

If you want strong, fun, hard wearing and colourful waterproof fabrics then these PVC coated ripstop fabrics maybe right for you. They are lightweight and although they are not as malleable as a rubber coated fabric they are still soft. Ripstop means that when you look at the fabric close up you will see a cross hatch in the weave. This is to make it strong and tear resistant.  During weaving, thicker reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals creating the cross hatch pattern. These ripstop fabrics  will be excellent for a fabulous awning or bags or a cover for a something you keep outside, furniture a boat. You could make aprons, cushions jackets too.

Photography of PVC - Birdie


PVC - Birdie

This is a PVC coated ripstop fabric, waterproof with a fun quirky bird print. I think it is really clever because it looks like a paisley pattern
Part number: CM475a
Photography of PVC - Stardom


PVC - Stardom

I think we should have called this Saturday Night Fever, I might even be daring enough and use this to cover my kitchen table. We have just bought a new table, after 10 years, and the original one came in the house so it was very old. We finally went for
Part number: CM475b
Photography of PVC - Funky Floral


PVC - Funky Floral

This is a PVC coated ripstop fabric, waterproof with a funky floral design.
Part number: CM475e
Photography of PVC - Enchanted Forest


PVC - Enchanted Forest

This is a PVC coated ripstop fabric, waterproof with a lovely pattern of flowers and trees, it is just missing Beth, Frannie and Joe from the Enchanted Forest.
Part number: CM475f
Photography of PVC - Crazy World


PVC - Crazy World

Waterproof teenage themed pattern fabric. This is one you will either LOVE or not, when I first saw this I thought how lovely, Tinkerbell, how sweet, but then you see the lipstick and funky graphics
Part number: CM475f
Photography of PVC



This PVC coated cotton fabric is so pretty we couldn't resist it, even though for us this is an expensive cloth. We have nothing like it so lets see if you like it. Cath Kidson in its styling its perfect for your craft project or home, for making bags, ap
Part number: CM673
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