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Photography of Superfine


Like to have a Saville Row suit, this cloth did emanate from there at some point in its life so it’s not a young cloth, it’s 2 fold 180’s worsted wool suiting in old fashioned terms a 5-7oz cloth it comes in brown
Part number: CM489
Photography of Summer Suiting- Sandy Basket Weave

Summer Suiting- Sandy Basket Weave

British 60’’ wide all wool, lightweight summer suiting. This is a pale sand colour made up of slightly different coloured yarns in a basket weave.
Part number: CM644a
Photography of A Rose Amongst Thorns

A Rose Amongst Thorns

64 inch wide superfine wool gabardine in khaki, fairly special. Country of Origin: Germany
Part number: CM814
Photography of Out of Time - Black Stretch Worsted Wool Fabric

Out of Time - Black Stretch Worsted Wool Fabric

It would also be prudent at this time to tell you of this 60 inch wide black pure wool worsted suiting whose wondrous nature I am almost a loss to describe. If you want send for a sample you probably will anyway because of the price but e-by-gum is gradle
Part number: CM842b
Photography of Hey Now

Hey Now

60” wide wool lightweight, melton like suiting; in black with an all over floral pattern, which almost looks like a misprint in grey. So there’s no major pieces of grey in the print, it is all sort of broken, it looks almost as if having printed it, someo
Part number: CM1023d
Photography of Joey Garcia

Joey Garcia

59 wide 100% pure new wool jacketing in a black heavy crepe like weave would suit long skirts as well as jackets and it from one of Italy’s top makers
Part number: CM1023f
Photography of Wriggle In

Wriggle In

I know that has other connotations, but this is a knitted 60” wide wool cloth. Which has had the ribs knitted into it, probably then aided and abetted by some pivotal process but the ribbing/bedding is permanent and is quite unusual. It is a lightweight c
Part number: CM1058
Photography of Beaut


60” wide woollen upholstery fabric made by Bute weavers in scotland. We’ve only 10 metres of it, it’s in a light golden-beige with a sort of corded striped weave. It is not smooth, ie there is a lot of texture. You could make a jacket, or even a coat out
Part number: CM993
Photography of Great Coat

Great Coat

147cm supremely made heavyweight, force quality, navy pure new wool course melton coating. Bit like the stuff that Jack Hawkins used to strut about in under the sea or whatever the film was. There’s precious little of it but when opportunities present the
Part number: CM1023b

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