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We have a superb collection of wool and wool mix coating fabrics all different weights, some Italian and some British. You could even use some of these for a heavy weight winter skirt.  You can ask for samples or buy all of Croft Mill coating fabrics by the metre online. If you have any questions please contact us.

Photography of Wool Mouflon Coating - US Navy


Wool Mouflon Coating - US Navy

A 60” (152 cm) wide navy blue pure new wool with cashmere mouflon coating fabric. Another drop dead gorgeous cloth in US navy, lightweight but certainly no compromise on warmth.
Part number: CM130h
Photography of Wool Melton - Stone


Wool Melton - Stone

Stone/Camel Melton Wool Fabric in a not quite camel colour, between camel and stone I would suggest. Jacket weight could be coat weight. It doesn’t come better than this.
Part number: CM472c
Photography of Wool Coating - Dark Heathery Brown  Flannel


Wool Coating - Dark Heathery Brown Flannel

A 60” (152 cm) wide dark heathery brown pure new wool fabric, medium weight flannel, definitely a coating weight fabric.
Part number: CM489b
Photography of Velvilicious - Black Wool and Cashmere Fabric


Velvilicious - Black Wool and Cashmere Fabric

This is a stunning black wool and cashmere coating fabric which has a velvet looking finish. It is a wonderful weight, it has a small amount of polyester in it making it very durable, this will last a lifetime and will never date. Stunning! If you are int
Part number: CM500
Photography of Two Step


Two Step

Navy Wool Cavalry Twill Fabric This is exactly that, made for the Military, police uniform fabric. Made in Britain,
Part number: CM588
Photography of More Hair


More Hair

Wool Camel Super lightweight coating, warmth without weight, reward without effort. What are we coming to? In proper camel, 60" wide 60% wool/40% mohair.
Part number: CM579
Photography of British Wool  - Lamb


British Wool - Lamb

British Wool Suiting/Lightweight Coating It is not a plain flat grey, there is a suggestion of other tones in it. It is in a sort of flattened lambs wool weave if you will, with an ever so slightly polished finish. Exquisite.
Part number: CM520e
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