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Photography of Merino Wool Jersey

Merino Wool Jersey

140cm wide black, extremely fine but dense wool, Italian merino wool jersey. Made from very fine yarns with a touch of elastane so it is quite a stretchy cloth but because of the way itís made it will hold its form. A heavy cloth to make superb garments.
Part number: CM1327
Photography of Warmington


150cm wide cream wool and cotton cavalry twill suiting. This is a cloth very much of a bygone era and would be resplendent in jackets, skirts and even trousers at a garden party, bowling club or maybe even Wentworth. Beautifully made, and in old money is
Part number: CM1298
Photography of Bright


Here we have a superb cloth. 150cm wide 50% pure virgin wool and 50% Rayon crepe fabric, almost a dress weight, but certainly lightweight suiting. There is a tiny little pattern woven into the base cloth which from even quite near just looks like weave in
Part number: CM1232
Photography of And The Prize Goes To...

And The Prize Goes To...

Top class winner all round, a rather splendid wool/mohair lightweight suiting in light navy blue. It is of the finest quality and made for a famous British brand
Part number: CM1230
Photography of Peacock


Great colour, great cloth. Substantial but light.
Part number: CM1168
Photography of Lindley


150cm wide 65% wool 35% polyester hacking check suiting in green with a blue and dark burgundy houndstooth check. Not everything comes to he who waits.
Part number: CM1161
Photography of Chekov


didnít know really where to start with this but start with the width its 135cm. itís made of 53% cotton 38% wool and 9% nylon. What will it makeÖ not a suit because the pattern isnít suitable for that but a jacket certainly. Itís in dark grey with an i
Part number: CM1088
Photography of Momma Said..... - Viscose wool lycra suiting

Momma Said..... - Viscose wool lycra suiting

Number 3, momma said, was about to say Iíd reached an awkward age. But I must have said that many times before, because I have had many awkward ages to go through. And I am certainly not at an age to be able to wear this cloth, or maybe the colour. Itís i
Part number: CM1069
Photography of Linton


Splendid wool nylon tweed lightweight coating just an element of a boucle weave and lots of interest in the weave ultimately itís a multi check design in black grey cream burnt orange and maybe a bit of something else. The boucle aspect is in the cream ya
Part number: CM1074
Photography of Third Umpire

Third Umpire

I have decided that you should be the ones to judge what this cloth is for I am undecided. Iíll tell you what I think and then perhaps we will discuss it. 140cm wide charcoal grey heavyweight loth made of wool, cotton, polyester and 10% something else. Th
Part number: CM1145
Photography of Beaut - Black

Beaut - Black

This is superb British made 98% wool, 2% nylon, flame retardant, wool furnishing fabric in black. It does have an interesting geometric pattern in the weave, as you can see in the photos.
Part number: CM683j
Photography of Black Wool with Cashmere Coating

Black Wool with Cashmere Coating

This is a stunning black wool and cashmere coating fabric. It is a wonderful weight; it has a small amount of polyester in it to give it added durability. This will last a lifetime and will never date. Stunning! If you are into black and white decor this
Part number: CM992a

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