Croft Mill

New Cottons and Poly/Cottons

Over the last few weeks we’ve given you lots of new fabrics to admire; you can see them all on our new and restocked page. And now we are giving you even more! You lucky things! These new fabrics are mainly shirting fabrics and are quite lightweight. A new shirt for you holidays maybe? Or maybe your just making one because you enjoy it? Whatever the reason get your sewing machines started, your bobbin full, and have a look at our new cotton fabrics and poly/cottons fabrics.


Hefferlump- Cotton Fabric £10.00pm Mellow Yellow -Poly/cotton Fabric £2.50pm Rock Pool- Poly/cotton Fabric £2.50pm
Seville - Poly/Cotton Fabric £2.50pm Flower Power - Poly­/cotton Fabric £7.95pm  Azura - Poly/Cotton Fabric £2.50pm
January - Poly/cotton Fabric £2.50pm Ten Green Bottles -Poly/cotton Fabric £2.50pm Can't Believe It's Not Butter- Cotton Fabric £7.95pm
Polo - Poly/cotton Fabric £2.50pm Mansfield - Poly/cotton Fabric £2.50pm Trinity - Cotton Oxford £5.75pm


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