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Go Digital With Printed Fabric At Croft Mill!

Here we have a stunning range of digitally printed fabrics. Digitally printed? What is all that about... The pattern has been produced digitally, then printed on a machine. Whereas the patterns used to be longwinded and taking hours of an artist’s time, nowadays, you can obviously whack it into a computer programme, press a button and out comes a design. I know that’s simplifying it, but that is really what it amounts too. These cloths are certainly impressive. We have them in everything from polyester, viscose and cotton.


abstract floral blue dress digitally printed feathervpatter
Silky Satin - Frozen Silky Satin - Flyaway
polyester-sati grayson
Silky Satin - Meadow Lawk  Grayson
fandango multicoloured digitally printed viscose
Be Impressed - Fandango Be Impressed - Spectrum
polyester dress fabric product abstract yet floral mutlicoloured polyester dull product
Are We Out of the Woods Yet? Beyond the Big Oak Door


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