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I Am Looking For a 1950s Dress Pattern, Can Anyone Help?

We are starting a little project here, I have decided it is about time I got out my sewing fingers again. The sewing machine is out along with the overlocker. Not at mine I must add but at nana's as sadly I don't have enough room or even rooms at my house. I was lucky enough to learn sewing at school, so I suppose I am giving the game a way a little. It is that long since it has been taught in schools there are now petitions to get it re-introduced. I know Hobbycraft had one going, don't leave here now but when you are done please have a look and sign it.

Nana is my mum and resident expert who taught me the finer details of sewing. I am hoping it will be like riding a bike and that it will all come back to me as it is 15 years since I have laid out a pattern. So back to where I need help, I needs a 1950s dress pattern, I want a circular or bias cut skirt in no more than 2 pieces and I want a simple box style top. Very Audrey Hepburn please. I have the fabric, of course I do, how can I not owning a fabric suppliers?

I have spent half a day looking and I am struggling to find the exact match, I have come close on eBay but is this the only place? There must be a current pattern available for such a classic style. Please help and point me in the right direction, get in touch with me at

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