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Christmas - The Party Season

Silver Sequin Fabric
Silver Sequin Fault
Black Dress Velvet

Sequins are BIG this season with some fabulous things to buy but if you want to be different and wear something completely different to everyone else then we have some superb silver sequin fabric to get you on your way. I realise that there is not much time left but you may just make it in time. It has some faults which is what it is only 11mtr instead of 25mtr+. The faults are not bad at all and the pictures show you what they are like. There is only 1 in approximately 1mtr. To see it in closer detail plese click the link below.

It would look fabulous with the bargain Black Dress Velvet we have in at the moment too only 6.50. To see it in closer detail please click the link below.



30th November 2009, 20:43
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