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Black Woollen Coating Fabrics good for all kinds of weather

Black Wool - Jacketing
Black Wool Coating

Everyone is talking about the weather be it Jonathon Ross, Chris Evans, Chris Moyles or indeed any of the BBC radio show hosts. I suppose they will grab at anything to fill the airwaves. If it isnít snow it now because there is no snow and now we wish we had more snow and not the rubbishy wet cold weather that now graces these glorious shores. However being in central London I cannot believe they were affected too much, not like us Northerners who had to dig our way out and that is just to get to the bins. We dont just wear our wellies for show! Anyway is this news, well not really but we do have new woollen fabrics that would be good to wear in many different kinds of weather, whether you like the weather or not, this will keep you warm. It is a black wool coating and it is 100% lambswool. The Chrisís and Jonathon would look real dapper in this too, a super fabric that is too posh to be emptying the bins in.

18th January 2010, 17:20
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