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New - wonderful suiting fabrics.

Melton_Navy blue_Wool suiting jacketing


A Right Royal Mix

Royal Mix_wool silk linen suiting fabric_close upThey have tried all sorts through the years to improve on the properties of cotton and never really come up with anything that comes close, so what is the next best thing? To mix cotton and linen and possibly add a third. This 60 in wide lightweight herringbone weave suiting is made from wool, linen, and silk, almost in equal proportions. It will wear well because of the wool and the linen and silk give it a soft hand. The colour might not be to every one's taste, which is just as well because we only have 33 metres of it. The green is a sort of pea green, which is lightened somewhat by the white in the warp yarn. Made in Ireland by Magee.


And Another Thing

Variety is the spice of life and no two cloths could be much further apart than the last ones and these. 60 in wide, lightweight and drapey, polyester fabrics in dark navy. 

And Another Thing_dark navy polyester dress fabricPlain very fine hopsack weave cloth.





And Another Thing_navy polyester crepe dress fabricCrepe, not as fine but it still has a good drape




From an impeccable source, good looking, easy care, beautiful fabrics. You won't go wrong with either of these. 


Gone Funny 

Gone Funny_jade_poly wool suiting fabric_close upA very fine worsted wool/polyester suiting, light in weight and fairly drapey, in a deep sea bluey green colour. Even though it isn't all wool it has a beautiful hand. 60 in wide.





Fanny Grey 

Fanny Grey_Magee Birds Eye wool fabric_close up60 in wide, woollen, ”birds eye” tiny check, in two shades of grey, ie two shades within the one cloth, dark and light, the birds eye being paler. Good drape and a lovely hand. Although tightly woven, has an element of looseness about it that lends itself to fuller garments as well as tailored ones. I used my get out of jail free there didn't I.  Fabulous cloth made by Magee.




Carluccio_taupe medium weight poly wool suiting fabric60 in wide poly/wool medium weight suiting in delicious shade of taupe/mushroom with a texture in the hand that makes it just that little bit different even though it is a plain weave it does have some weave interest.




Talking to Trees

Talking to the trees_check pure new wool suitingI know that talking to anything helps and if there is nothing else available talk to yourself. This pure new wool suiting is a 60 in wide brown and black, Prince of Wales check with the faintest of over-checks in a darkish blue. The over-check takes some finding but if you stand back from the cloth you can see it's there. Supreme cloth.




Now is The Hour

Now is the Hour_magee green check wool suiting fabricI have saved this cloth till late in the day because that's when I need to feel soothed. Another Irish cloth by Magee in a lovely shade of green which is a woven wool and silk cloth with a myriad of other green and blue colours in it giving a heathery appearance over which is woven a beige and dark lilac 2 in square check. Just how good this is, is reflected in the fact that we only have 12 metres or so. I would love a jacket made out of this. If I could buy one it would probably cost a veritable fortune. 60 in wide.

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