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The new Croft Mill fabric catalogue Issue 13 catalogue is out now.

Utterley Buttery_Check poly wool suiting fabric


A lull in the proceedings

It were reight gradely weren’t it. It is not exactly a distant memory now but I remember the hot day, it was a Sunday in late June. We had one of our special golf days, where I turned out in, what some of our lady golfers described as, a picture in pastels. Later in the evening I was a picture in purple and yellow shortly after which I became a picture in purple, yellow, coleslaw, tomato and cucumber as I fell whilst carrying my plate to the table. There were dozens of onlookers but no help was forthcoming, it was obviously uproariously funny and I became the butt of much humour throughout the evening. I have to say it was like the Dell boy collapse in the bar when, whilst he was talking to Trigg, someone lifted the entry leaf to the bar and Dell boy leant on the now removed part of the bar only to disappear. I have to say I am a little older than Dell boy was and today my injuries are sorely felt. The red wine consumed was of little help. It is a bit quiet on the order front as one might expect at this time of year and goodness knows everyone needs respite from the ravages of government mistakes and those people who profit from them.

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1st August 2011, 13:48
03 - Dress Fabrics
Cotton canvas fabrics
Riley Blake £7 per metre cotton craft apparel fabric
Water and sun resistant canvas material

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