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The New Croft Mill fabric catalogue - He Who Stands Tall - is out now....

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‘He who stands tall will certainly see more. I used to actually be taller than I am now so it is some indication of my age as I am shrinking, however, it does help with the short putts because you are nearer the ground. That’s actually rubbish, nothing improves with age................’


A little extract from the new Croft Mill fabric catalogue – Issue 10 ‘He Who Stands Tall’. It is ready to read online or to print off if you would like. It is only 12 pages of black and white so it won’t do your printer inks too much damage.  We hope you like the new layout of the PDF onscreen but if you don’t please do let us know.  All the fabrics listed are also on the website if you want to look at the pictures. The easiest way to search for a specific fabric is to type in either the reference or part of the name in the search box on the left on the home page.

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01 - Italian Cotton Shirting Fabrics

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