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New Fabric Catalogue Issue 12 'Bustin Out All Over' Out Now

Alpino_Cotton Dress Fabric_Brown and White ll

Hello again, much has happened since we last spoke. Not in any particular order but we had a wonderful spell of weather, the royal wedding, where some of the younger ladies in particular vied for the most outrageous hat design and in fact it was left to the queen and the mother of the bride to bring some sense of propriety and elegance to the hat department. The week prior to that Caroline had her baby, a boy who is as yet anonymous, although his sister who still really wants a sister has christened him junior. For good or bad we follow our tried and tested pattern of something old, something new, nothing borrowed and certainly the odd thing blue. To start we have our linen collection and here it is.   

16th June 2011, 13:41
01 - Brushed Cotton Fabric
01 - Christmas Fabric Range
01 - Dress Fabrics
01 - Italian Cotton Shirting Fabrics

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