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Need a project after the Olympics? Summer Suiting Fabrics just in.

Sir Humphrey_superfine wool suiting_cu

Need a project after the Olympics? No more handball to watch at noon? The BBC advert summed my husband and I up (the one where the dad is looking at the TV whilst child tries to reach for the spoon of yoghurt in dads hand, yes admittedly we were hooked, somewhat preoccupied and loved it all. Friends in London were euphoric, texts suggesting happiness and pride like the moments after one has just given birth. All a little crazy, I would have loved some of that Olympic high as the joy wasnít quite so strong up North. Colne has however claimed a gold medal, Steven Burke in the track cycling team pursuit did us proud and Colne has a gold post box in honour of his achievement. Bradley Wiggins cycles through Colne this weekend too, crickey!

Back to the fabric now as we need to tell you about a nice selection of Irish woven suiting fabrics we have. I say summer because they are mainly pale colours and lightweight. I know we havenít really had a summer but surely its coming, these are beautiful fabrics that wonít date so I suppose it doesnít really matter if you buy some now because next summer just has to be better than this - doesnít it?

 Alpen_wool suiting cloth_cu  Good Will Hunting_pure worsted wool fabric_cu
 Jackal II_wool silk suiting fabric_cu  Jackal_wool silk suiting cloth_gold_cu
 McCamish._plaid wool fabric_cu  Oh I Say_wool silk fabric_cu
 Owt Can Appen_wool silk linen suiting cloth_cu_ii  Pale Face_wool poly suiting_palest mint green_cu


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