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Solace in Cloth - Is there a private clinic to cure this addiction?

And so to Bed_cotton seersucker fabric_pink

During the last few weeks since speaking with you we have been fortunate/blessed by one or two major players in our game seeking solace in money rather than cloth and I know from experience that once you are into cloth you are into it. Is there an antidote? Is there a private clinic to cure this addiction? I hope not.  In the words of Buddy Holly “That’ll be the day”. Incidentally there has never been anyone like him, or better than him either. I used to have a party piece imitating pop stars of the day. I, of course, thought they were wonderful; lots of other people had differing views. But I did wear the big black horn-rimmed spectacles not for effect you understand but because I needed them. Anyway enough of that, onwards and upwards with our latest fabrics.

7th June 2012, 16:42
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