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Mary Portas

Henley Antiques Trio

Donít you just love her? Well maybe not but I think sheís great. She is so right; I donít want to go into a political ramble as to why manufacturing left our shores. It happened, itís dire and thankfully Mary is putting this right in everyoneís faces. I have bought my fair share of those knickers; I just hope that it continues to sustain itself when all the hype dies down.

You know how we feel about fabrics and what we stand for, we are continually inundated with requests for British fabrics which we have but some of them are so old now and the warehouses are sadly very thin. In my time as a fabric designer I spent  time in Turkey in state of the art weaving manufacturers, and some not so I hasten to add but itís a shame we couldnít modernise as they are producing some fabulous textiles. Of course wool fabrics are still being woven very successfully around here but living in Lancashire is a constant reminder of our fabulous textile heritage, now mainly flats, offices or shopping outlets.

28th March 2012, 12:31
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