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Do You Want To Make a Show Stopping Dress?

If you are planning on making a colourful dress we may just have the fabrics for you in the collection we have just added online.  We have some really colourful patterned fabrics which are silky soft, this selection are all made from polyester and try to imitate silk in their hand, we in the cloth trade like to talk about a fabrics hand, like they are a personal friend to us. When we say something has a fabulous hand we are trying to explain that it is simply wonderful to touch.  These fabrics are of different qualities but are all soft and although not as wonderful as silk do a pretty good job at pretending to be. They will be reasonably easy to sew as they do move about easily but they will be cool to wear because of their lightweight nature and also easy to care for.


Miss Saigon

If Only - Paisley

If Only - Poppy


Grrrr - Taupe

Grrrr - Red

4th February 2013, 13:16
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