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Why not Have a Go at Making this Summer Dress?

Ladies day at the races- Lagoon - D

Are you ready for summer? Is it coming or have we had it? Maybe it doesnít matter, who knows but why not have a go at making this summer dress and let us know what you think. This is made from our Mustique chiffon fabric which we have in 2 colours but just in case you donít like it we have other fabrics that will do the job, they are new and if you donít like using chiffon then you may prefer a crepe de chine , a satin fabric or even a viscose dress fabric. There is limited stock of most but we hope that there is a design to suit you so whether you are making a dress for yourself or making for someone else there are plenty of patterns and colours to choose from. Nana who we talk about quite a lot on here has just been in and taken some of the digitally printed ĎSilky Softí viscose dress fabric for her American jaunt in September. This pattern would suit many skin tones and I think perfect if you want to go for a mini dress like the pattern below but for those who are less confident about their knees then brilliant made up as a maxi dress too.

If you would like a clearer option of the make up guide below then please click on the PDF link at the top. You can also get the template for the dress at the

Ladies day at the races- derby- cu Explosion
See more Crepe de Chine Fabric See more Satin Fabric
Unblemished- D Silky soft- CU
See more Chiffon Fabric See more Viscose Dress Fabric

Let us know if you have made this dress up and send us some pictures or post them on our Facebook page if you like.


Happy Sewing

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