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Childrens Jersey fabrics

Childrens Jersey Fabric- Polyester- Fireman- CU

We have gone novelty crazy it would seem but then we did ask our customers and this is what you said was lacking in our repertoire, so maybe this will fill the gap. We haven't gone mad but we have about 6 printed jerseys, mainly novely prints, some polyester, some cotton, sadly the polyester wasn't cheap for us to buy so the price difference isn't massive, in fact one of the cotton jersey prints is the cheapest here. The prints are fun though and some perfect for boys and if you like pink then the jersey below is really bright.
Childrens Jersey Fabric- Polyester- Fireman- CU Lion Jersey Fabric- Polyester- Roarrr- D
Childrens Jersey Fabric- Polyester- Zing- D Sheep Jersey Fabric- Cotton Lycra- Baa Baa- D
Ted_kids cotton jersey_blue_s Childrens Jersey Fabric- Cotton - Im Going to the Zoo


23rd May 2013, 13:37
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Cotton canvas fabrics
Riley Blake 7 per metre cotton craft apparel fabric
Water and sun resistant canvas material

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