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Monochrome- Black and White Dress Fabrics

Monochrome is a look that will simply never date no matter what time of year so we have put together some of our black and white fabrics all in one place and with brief descriptions to help you sift through them quickly. We have had a large delivery of fabrics and Caroline seems to be a magpie for all cloth black and white and marginally in-between, they can look very similar on the web but if you click though we hope the extended descriptions will make it all clear but as usual it is all lovely stuff!
Negative - Monochrome Abstract Cotton Dress Fabric- D Black Wool and Cashmere Fabric Heidi - Polyester Stretch Dress Fabric
The Negative- 54" wide Cotton Lycra Velivilious - 60" wide Wool & Cashmere Coating Heidi -51" wide Polyester/Lycra Crinkle
Demdyke -d Tiffany- Houndtooth Chiffon- S - Copy Black Ripstop Fabric
Demdyke - 59" wide Black Polyester Tiffany- 56" wide Polyester Chiffon  Black Rip Stop Fabric- 59"
Imelda - Cotton poly Black and White Spot Fabric - cu Yull - Black cotton poplin shirting Corset - Black polyester dress fabric - m
Imelda - 50" wide Pleated Polycotton Black Magic- 60" Cotton Shirting Corset - 54" wide Polyester Taffeta
Harvey Moon_polyester ball gown fabric in black Trinity - white oxford fabric -cu Voluptuosity - Black Velour Dress Fabric
Sparkle - 60" Polyester Ball Gown Fabric Trinity - 57" Plain Cotton Oxford Voluptuocity - 60" Polyester/Lycra  
Cross Hatch - Black Cotton Dress Suiting Fabric Black Cotton Ribbed Jersey Fabric - s Supersonic - White Pima Cotton Lawn - CU
Cross Hatch - 55" wide Cotton Cotton Ribbed Jersey - 54" Wide Supersonic White - 35" Pima Cotton Lawn
Angel Delight - White polyester peachskin fabric - 2 Black Polyester Waterproof Canvas Faking It - Poly Viscose Suiting Fabric - cu
Gabriel- 60" wideViscose/Cupra Silk Jett- 59" wide Polyester Waterproof Canvas Faking It - 959" Polyester/Viscose Suiting/Dress
Stretchy - Black Cotton elastane poplin shirting fabric Hathaway II - Fine Herringbone White Cotton Shirting Fabric - w Black Stretch Lightweight Denim
Stretchy - 45" Cotton/Elastane Shirting Hathaway II - 58" wide Herringbone Cotton Shirting Sebastian - 59" wide Black Stretch Denim
Men In Tights - thick bonded polyester elastane jersey - m Birds Eye - British Wool Suiting Fabric Double Take - Ivory Cotton Double Muslin dress fabric - s
Double Scuba Jersey - 60" Viscose/Elastane Jersey Bird's Eye - 62" wide Pure Worsted Wool Double Take- 58" wide Double Muslin
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