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Superb Quality Viscose Jerseys

Do you like an active summer? Us too, so we have stocked up on viscose jerseys. They are great for making t-shirts and tank tops…and well, almost anything really! We’ve got them in bright summery hues but have also brought out some darker hues for if your man doesn’t fancy wearing the pink.

We've also got in some new cotton jerseys, in beige and light grey, please take a look.

If your looking to recreate your favourite vest top, you might want to check out buzzybeesworld blog which also has some binding tips.


Viscose Jersey -True Pink-  D Viscose-Jersey--Sky-Blue--CU
True Pink Aqua
Viscose-Jersey--Dark-Blue--D Viscose-Jersey--Khaki--CU-D
Royal Blue Khaki
Viscose-Jersey--Dark-Grey-D Viscose Jersey- Emerald Green M
Dark Grey Emerald Green
Dark Chocolate  


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