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Photography of 50/50 - Cotton/Poly - Yellow

50/50 - Cotton/Poly - Yellow

112cm wide Superior Quality 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, poly/cotton fabrics, we have them in 6 colours. They are shirting weight so You can use them for dressmaking and also any crafts.
Part number: 6140d
Photography of A Bit Of Novelty - Houndstooth

A Bit Of Novelty - Houndstooth

113cm wide cotton poplin fabric with a tiny little all over almost bat design (bat as in batman) and this is in dark blue, light blue, white and red.
Part number: 7226b
Photography of A Bit Of Novelty - Paddington Blue

A Bit Of Novelty - Paddington Blue

113cm wide cotton poplin fabric with an all over travel ticket print with tickets printed as they used to be in days gone by.
Part number: 7226d
Photography of A Bit Of Novelty - Zig Zag

A Bit Of Novelty - Zig Zag

113cm wide cotton poplin fabric is just a continuous zig zag design.
Part number: 7226c
Photography of A Blast From the Past

A Blast From the Past

147cm wide two cloths in one jacketing, both cloths are cotton which are bonded together by a membrane between the two giving an almost water proof fabric. There is an inherent stiffness in the fabric but not too much. This cloth will have been superseded
Part number: 1080
Photography of A Class Act

A Class Act

Yes this is expensive, but than again maybe it isn't? Why? Sometimes things just cost what they do, market forces. Silk is not cheap, especially when is manufactured in Italy.....
Part number: 4113
Photography of A Collection - Blue Kaftan

A Collection - Blue Kaftan

150cm wide, Kaftan Blue – A mid blue ground with a square print not unlike item C with a border in dotted green and yellow and then pink floral detailing towards the centre of the square.
Part number: 1808B09f
Photography of A Collection - Dash Dash

A Collection - Dash Dash

150cm wide, Dash Dash – A black background with orange ‘letterboxes’ interspersed with blue dashes.
Part number: 1808B09e
Photography of A Collection - Gilt Black

A Collection - Gilt Black

150cm wide, Gilt Black – A very Eastern all over colourful design on a black ground with lots of gold detailing.
Part number: 1808B09g
Photography of A Collection - Gilt Lemon

A Collection - Gilt Lemon

150cm wide, Gilt Lemon - A pale lemon background with all over somewhat regimented floral medallion and laurel sort of print in blues and green with gold detail. Not so sure whether this endearers the Far East.
Part number: 1808B09a
Photography of A Collection - Gilt Rich

A Collection - Gilt Rich

150cm wide, Gilt Rich – A rich cream background with vaguely heraldic detailing in pink, black , blue and gold.
Part number: 1808B09d
Photography of A Collection - Kaftan White

A Collection - Kaftan White

150cm wide, Kaftan White – A white background or perhaps it is a very pale blue. Decorative window pane like squares about 10cm square with floral detailing towards the centre.
Part number: 1808B09c

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