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Photography of A Blast From the Past

A Blast From the Past

147cm wide two cloths in one jacketing, both cloths are cotton which are bonded together by a membrane between the two giving an almost water proof fabric. There is an inherent stiffness in the fabric but not too much. This cloth will have been superseded
Part number: 1080
Photography of A Class Act

A Class Act

Yes this is expensive, but than again maybe it isn't? Why? Sometimes things just cost what they do, market forces. Silk is not cheap, especially when is manufactured in Italy.....
Part number: 4113
Photography of A Conundrum

A Conundrum

This 150cm wide soft finish, cotton and viscose shirting is from a maker of high price clothing and comes in dark navy, with a very cleverly woven faint little slump in white. It will make anything from shirts to jackets.
Part number: 1708J01
Photography of A Definite Maybe - Red Check

A Definite Maybe - Red Check

140cm wide, brushed cotton check red and black shirting fabric. Nothing to write home about really but it’s a good mixer.
Part number: 6354b
Photography of A Grand Design - Heavenly

A Grand Design - Heavenly

150cm wide a lovely mid grey with an all over beautifully coloured floral print.
Part number: 7316e
Photography of A Hand Maidens Tale

A Hand Maidens Tale

140cm wide, soft and floaty, viscose, fine dress fabric, in cream with an all over self-coloured embroidered design which looks as though it has been crocheted.
Part number: 1805C05
Photography of A Likely Story - Ross Ivory

A Likely Story - Ross Ivory

For likely I suppose, you could read lacey. It must be the time of year, when a young man’s fancy turns to the flowing movement of lace fabrics. It does depend of course, on what it is likely to wear with them; velvet jackets and breaches, knickerbocker b
Part number: 1227
Photography of A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

140cm wide, polyester, silver and black jacquard dress fabric in silver, grey & white, sort of camouflage design. I would like to describe it all to you but I can’t, A camouflage like design but a bit posher.
Part number: 7375
Photography of A Rolling Stone - Green / Black

A Rolling Stone - Green / Black

155cm wide substantial Italian knitted jacketing cloth made up of 26% wool 42% acrylic and 33% polyester. Nice and chunky but soft, it comes in mostly green which in fact is made up green and black yarns so isn’t a plain green cloth.
Part number: 6234
Photography of A Sandwich  - What a Picnic

A Sandwich - What a Picnic

Almost 150 cm wide black fine cotton polyester lawn quite densely woven and hence very black. Good but no cigar!
Part number: 2152
Photography of A Small Gathering - Dark Red

A Small Gathering - Dark Red

150cm wide soft taffeta in a dark ruby red brought about by using red yarn and black yarns, which is only really discernible if you tear it and pull the threads out. The threads are obviously very fine and the result in colour is quite magnificent. Good f
Part number: 6171b
Photography of A Small Gathering - Pale Sea Green

A Small Gathering - Pale Sea Green

150cm wide acetate changeant taffeta lining from a small but now defunct tailoring operation. it comes in a pale sea green with a hint of lilac.
Part number: 6171c

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