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Photography of Apple Twist

Apple Twist

 Superb Italian made fine cotton poplin in a very delicate shade of apple green. 
Part number: 1562j
Photography of Approaching Paradise

Approaching Paradise

This 150cm wide polyester viscose dress cloth is of a colour that can possibly only been seen when approaching your own desert island and there is no grudge or impediment in the sea.
Part number: 2100b
Photography of Art Decor

Art Decor

150cm wide soft gentle lightweight polyester satin ,reminds me the sort of garment that was worn in the 1930s and beyond by Hollywood star lets looking for a couch, very boudoir. Comes in the colour typical of the period very pale peach.
Part number: 7303
Photography of As Good As

As Good As

Beautiful quality high twist viscose dress fabric from France. If you like viscose dress fabrics and you like a bit of a pattern, then this is the fabric for you.
Part number: 7866
Photography of As Night Follows - Day

As Night Follows - Day

150cm wide fine,cream beautifully knitted polyester jersey with a fairly large floral spray design in pink, pale peach and perhaps a hint of pale yellow.
Part number: 7279a
Photography of As Night Follows - Night

As Night Follows - Night

150cm wide fine, black beautifully knitted polyester jersey is a very dense and very colourful floral design completely covering the cloth and like number 1 is beautifully soft, light and wonderful to wear.
Part number: 7279b
Photography of As Tears Go By, it is the Evening of the Day, I sit and Watch... Damson

As Tears Go By, it is the Evening of the Day, I sit and Watch... Damson

Even for those of us who can remember the era, for which that song came, may not had a garment made out of this rather fabulous damson polyester dress fabric, somewhat shiny. Definitely made for on the posh side of things. A rather beautiful.
Part number: 193m
Photography of Assegai


150cm wide black polyester georgette with an all over leaf/shield design in cream and the leafs are placed in such a fashion so though they have fallen.
Part number: 6131
Photography of Assorted Sewing Machine Needles

Assorted Sewing Machine Needles

Pack of Assorted Sewing Machine Needles. Standard Point Size 9/16.
Part number: X13
Photography of Awful But I Like You

Awful But I Like You

A quite outstanding 150cm wide dull finish polyester satin blouse cloth in a dull but interesting beige.
Part number: 7309
Photography of Bags of Mini Bits

Bags of Mini Bits

1KG bag of small sample size pieces of all kinds of fabric, 5 x 5 cm and up, nothing bigger than 10 x 10 cm. These are none returnable.
Part number: 2127
Photography of Barbour Lining - Bronze

Barbour Lining - Bronze

Good quality polyester dress lining in a dark, almost brown, gold - made for Barbour.
Part number: 1530

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