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Cotton Drill/Twill Fabric
Photography of A Right Royal Carry On

A Right Royal Carry On

A 150cm wide very fine twill cotton trousering in a vivid royal blue.
Part number: 1896
Photography of It Ain't Half Hot

It Ain't Half Hot

A 150cm wide very fine beautifully made cotton.... trousering in very light creamy, sort of beige. The sort of thing used by desert forces, or indeed actors in the jungle.
Photography of Pretty Tough

Pretty Tough

Italian - A 150cm wide fairly substantial italian made designercotton with stretch trousering in a very delicate shade of peachy pink or cream. I was about to loose my temper because I couldn't decide what this cloth had been made for, and then... almost
Part number: 1891
Photography of Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic

A 140cm multi-stripe cotton twill with just an element of stretch, and a woven stripe design on a cream background with stripes in navy blue, grey and very pale beige pinstripe. Beautifully made and recently seen by my good self, in a very up-market catal
Part number: 1857
Photography of Gin and Lime

Gin and Lime

A 140cm multi-stripe cotton twill with just an element of stretch, and a woven stripe design in navy blue, lime green and a very pale grey pinstripe all on, a creamy-white cloth. Beautifully made and recently seen by my good self, in a very up-market cata
Part number: 1858
Photography of Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

A 142cm wide off white stretch cotton drill with an all over navy blue fairly large floral print, the ideal sort of print for the young and young at heart, in summer time I suppose.
Part number: 1852
Photography of What Are We Going to do About Maria?

What Are We Going to do About Maria?

Italian 150cm wide quite heavy dark navy cotton trousering with a fine twill weave and a soft peachskin finish. There was a time when such cloths were readily available, but no longer I’m afraid. So how this has cropped up I am not sure, absolutely fabulo
Part number: 1610
Photography of Cotton Canvas Cream

Cotton Canvas Cream

Cotton canvas in cream. very strong cloth for use anywhere you need strength.
Part number: 1463
Photography of Bull Durham

Bull Durham

60" (152 cm) wide 100% cotton unbleached but finished 'bull denim' fabric. A heavy weight twill in other words.
Part number: 011
Photography of White Cotton Lycra Drill

White Cotton Lycra Drill

A 60” wide fine white cotton lycra twill, lots and lots of very fine yarn in this so it doesn’t want to be wasted on.
Part number: 370
Photography of Kiawah


150cm wide cotton twill cloth, with a sort of cross between desert storm and traditional army camouflage pattern. That is to say it is a similar pattern to normal, but the colours are subdued. Not dissimilar the cloth from which the captain of the Kiawah
Part number: 1233
Photography of Liberty - Carlyle

Liberty - Carlyle

137cm wide coated fine cotton twill, shower proof jacketing in almost a peacocks tail design. It is in blue beige very pale green and off white on the other hand it could be a wild grass growing in a blue desert.
Part number: 1744
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