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Cotton Drill/Twill Fabric
Photography of Pretty Tough - 1.3m Set Piece

Pretty Tough - 1.3m Set Piece

This is a 1.3m Set Piece. Italian - A 150cm wide fairly substantial italian made designercotton with stretch trousering in a very delicate shade of peachy pink or cream. I was about to loose my temper because I couldn't decide what this cloth had been mad
Part number: 1891b
Photography of A Right Royal Carry On

A Right Royal Carry On

A 150cm wide very fine twill cotton trousering in a vivid royal blue.
Part number: 1896
Photography of Gin and Lime

Gin and Lime

A 140cm multi-stripe cotton twill with just an element of stretch, and a woven stripe design in navy blue, lime green and a very pale grey pinstripe all on, a creamy-white cloth. Beautifully made and recently seen by my good self, in a very up-market cata
Part number: 1858
Photography of Cotton Canvas Cream

Cotton Canvas Cream

Cotton canvas in cream. very strong cloth for use anywhere you need strength.
Part number: 1463
Photography of Bull Durham

Bull Durham

60" (152 cm) wide 100% cotton unbleached but finished 'bull denim' fabric. A heavy weight twill in other words.
Part number: 011
Photography of White Cotton Lycra Drill

White Cotton Lycra Drill

A 60” wide fine white cotton lycra twill, lots and lots of very fine yarn in this so it doesn’t want to be wasted on.
Part number: 370
Photography of Liberty - Carlyle

Liberty - Carlyle

137cm wide coated fine cotton twill, shower proof jacketing in almost a peacocks tail design. It is in blue beige very pale green and off white on the other hand it could be a wild grass growing in a blue desert.
Part number: 1744
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