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Cotton Drill | Twill Fabric

Cotton Drill/Twill Fabric
Photography of Livia


147cm wide quite white 98% cotton and 2% spandex drill with an all over black rose design not too small not too big. Just right for the sort of garment, of which I suspect it will be made.
Part number: CM1449
Photography of Cotton Canvas Cream

Cotton Canvas Cream

Cotton canvas in cream. very strong cloth for use anywhere you need strength.
Part number: CM1463
Photography of Cleopatra - Cream

Cleopatra - Cream

150cm wide silky 55% cotton, 45% viscose Italian lightweight suiting in either cream or white. It has, what in old fashioned money was called a venetian finish, in that it shines and was usually made from silk. This I think, is meant to be an imitation o
Part number: CM1311a
Photography of Warmington


150cm wide cream wool and cotton cavalry twill suiting. This is a cloth very much of a bygone era and would be resplendent in jackets, skirts and even trousers at a garden party, bowling club or maybe even Wentworth. Beautifully made, and in old money is
Part number: CM1298
Photography of Bull Durham

Bull Durham

60" (152 cm) wide 100% cotton unbleached but finished 'bull denim' fabric. A heavy weight twill in other words.
Part number: CM011
Photography of White Cotton Lycra Drill

White Cotton Lycra Drill

A 60Ē wide fine white cotton lycra twill, lots and lots of very fine yarn in this so it doesnít want to be wasted on.
Part number: CM370
Photography of Kiawah


150cm wide cotton twill cloth, with a sort of cross between desert storm and traditional army camouflage pattern. That is to say it is a similar pattern to normal, but the colours are subdued. Not dissimilar the cloth from which the captain of the Kiawah
Part number: CM1233
Photography of Iwo Jimo

Iwo Jimo

130cm wide fine cotton lycra gabardine in a very very pale beige Iíve seen this colour variously described as stone, light khaki and other too numerous to mention but you get the drift. Tropical summer weight fantastic trousering.
Part number: CM1605
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